The one thing we all have access to

Written by Amie on May 6, 2009 – 5:04 pm -

Stop and Smell the Roses

Still on vacation….and loving every minute of being with my boys and my husband. It feels so good to be outside in the sun and the water, watching the anoles (small lizards) dart across the walk, watching the birds, savoring the flowers and the beautiful trees, and staring in awe at the amazing sunsets.  I keep thinking to myself that we all  really do need to stop and smell the roses more often! I wonder if the economy being the way it is, is really a way to make us come back to the truth of who we really are. We are connected to this beauty all around us. When I am able to see this beauty, I know that I am loved, and all is well. I can feel it deep down inside me. When we are coming from an unconscious place within, we don’t notice these spectacular sights that are literally screaming for attention by just being there. 

We Are Powerful

When we discover our own truth, which is that we are 100% perfect exactly as we are, we can stand tall like the beautiful trees around us, and the knowing is part of us. We don’t have to ask ourselves, “am I okay?” It just becomes part of our overall make-up. This is who we really are. We are as powerful as the trees, and as beautiful as the bright pink flowers around us. We just got side tracked somewhere along the way, and started believing things that are just not true. Deep within each and every one of us, there is the strongest knowing of all, which is that each and every one of us is loved, no strings attached. We come into this world loved. This message is always there, but it sometimes gets quieted by the messages that we pick up by living in our world. We never lose that love,  we just need to remember to tap into it again.  Here is a video that will inspire you to remember your truth.        

Nature is Positive Vibration

When I am surrounded by nature, the positive vibration is so high, I don’t have to do anything to try to feel good. I just close my eyes and breathe it all in. Nature is selfless. It allows us to be with it whenever we want to, no matter how we are feeling. It is always there as a friend. It listens to us without judgment, it shows us it’s inner and outer beauty, and it is consistent in giving us reasons to feel grateful.  We can be one with nature; the trees, plants,  animals, every living thing. Everything is connected to us and us to them. In them is the same love that flows through each of us.  

Love Is A Constant

So, my conclusion is that love is the one constant that we have.  Even when we are feeling alone and isolated, or the world is in chaos around us, we are still loved.  We can allow the power of love from nature to wrap us in this truth. We can tap into this power anytime, anywhere. If we observe the untruths, and then let them go, the truth will rise to the surface again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of us (I will keep reminding us of that!). The only thing wrong is that we believe the negative thoughts instead of seeing them for what they are-and that is, untruths. Just like the beautiful trees, plants, and animals are loved just because they exist, so are we!!

Step outside, nature is waiting to wrap you in it’s love.


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  1. Ian Says:

    I liked the YouTube video. I like to think all life is inherently good because it is natural. It’s only our thoughts that can cause problems – ideas that go against natural laws, our identification with the ego, etc. We can all learn a lot from nature, especially newborn babies and their behaviour for the first few years of life, before we damage their psyche with our own behaviours caused by our own hang-ups!

    Yes, the trick is definitely to clear away all the baggage, push away the dark clouds, and see what was there all along. That’s where the truth lives. Any time we just observe without evaluating or are just in a state of awareness, we can return to the truth, to the present moment, and see what is really there … just like a newborn baby does!

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