Rewriting my story

Written by Amie on July 17, 2009 – 12:59 am -


I’ve been a bit stuck in my story lately, which is why my writing has slowed down on here. I just haven’t been feeling too inspired because I was feeling so stuck with so many emotions. Today I was finally able to shift my outlook. I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe that what we think about, we get more of. I believe that thoughts become things. Once again, I had to prove that to myself! Not intentionally, but the same result, nonetheless! I felt myself getting caught up in all that is negative in the world right now. Most of the time, I am pretty good at staying out of the negativity.  I really let it get to me for the past few weeks.


The Shift

Today I decided that it was past time to rewrite the story in my head. There have been times in the past that I can’t even verbalize what my story is, I just know that I feel bad. When that happens, it is especially difficult to change my story. Anyway, today I decided that I was just really sick and tired of feeling just middle of the road. Not good, not horrible. I got out my notebook and began writing what I want in my life right now. What makes me feel alive, what do I want things to look like? I did this once before about a year ago. I just pulled it out again today, and half of the things that I wrote have come true. Maybe if I would have stuck with it, reading it each day, and taking action, ALL of it would have come true. I realized how powerful this process is. I know that what I focus on is what I get. When I focus on feeling bad, I keep feeling bad. It is not easy to make the shift sometimes. Sometimes, I just have to say to myself, wow, you are just not feeling good right now, and that is okay, try again tomorrow. I figured if I wrote down what I want things to look like, I can get up everyday and read “my story”. So, that’s what I am doing.

Law of Attraction

When the book The Secret came out a few years ago, I think many people interpreted it as a way to just wish for something material, and it magically appears. That is not how I see it. The law of attraction involves changing your whole vibration-from negative to positive. When we are focused on what we don’t want, or focusing on feeling bad, this is what we get. When we focus on what we do want, or focusing on what is going right in our lives, this is what we get more of. It really takes making a decision. I know this isn’t always easy. Like I said, there have been times when I just can’t do it. When I feel that down, I know that I need to care for myself, and try to nurture myself the best I can. But, if there is a tiny little space that is open to a shift, I am able to make a decision to focus on something that I know makes me feel good. There are ways to make the shift happen quickly. I will hum to myself, or sing, or do some type of movement. I also will think of special times with my kids that I know make me happy. All of these will shift your vibration and then it is easier to focus on the good, rather than the negative.

My new story

So, I am back to rewriting my story again. This time, I am going to start a new habit of reading my story each day. I am making the decision to fill my head with what I want my life to be, which will help me shift myself back to my truth. I want to be filled with joy and love. I write my story in the present tense, not as a “wish”. It doesn’t always feel true, but each time I read it, it starts feeling more and more real. I think we have to regroup every so often, check in with ourselves to make sure that we are headed in the direction that we want to be going. It is easy to get sidetracked if we aren’t staying in the moment. When I start feeling the way I have been feeling lately, it is because I am letting myself go unconscious, thinking negatively about this or that.  It isn’t always easy to stay in the now. In this moment, All is well. That’s my story,and I’m sticking to it.


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3 Comments to “Rewriting my story”

  1. sheryl Says:

    thanks so much for your wonderful website.
    It is inspiration it self.

    I am very grateful for your gift of writing the words that put on to the page are inspiring.
    They remind me to thinka bout ME and my needs as woman, friend, person and mother.

    I look forward to each post.
    sheryl miller

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know that you are reading. I am so grateful that my words have inspired you. I feel so happy thinking that you are reminded to take care of yourself. In gratitude, Amie

  3. sheryl Says:

    Hello Amie,

    Thanks for both of your replies.
    It is good to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bright!

    Anytime you need to chat send me a email at my other address or here!

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