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Written by Amie on July 20, 2009 – 1:20 am -

Let go of the struggle

I just finished watching a movie called “The Shift” by Wayne Dyer. I have read some of his stuff in the past, and some of it resonates, and some not so much. Overall, this movie resonated with me because he really got the point across that we can stop our struggle, and just surrender. We try so hard to, “get things right”, when they already are right. When I started down the path of healing, I was feeling pretty frustrated, wondering if I could ever really feel better than I was right then. It was difficult for me to let go of worrying about all of the so-called bad things that were happening in the world. I thought that if I let them go, that meant that I was in denial, that I didn’t care about other people suffering. I finally came to the conclusion that if I work on healing myself, I might be able to help other people heal as well. If I stayed focused of the negative things happening, not only could I not help others, but I couldn’t even help myself.  I stopped reading the negative news, stopped watching negative tv, and I started adding positive things into my life.

I heard a message

I started meditating, which changed my life. I say it changed my life because one day when I was meditating, I “heard” a message that told me that I am perfect exactly how I am. I don’t need to fix anything, I just need to surrender, and let things be. In the movie I watched tonight, I was reminded of this message. I was reminded that I was born with everything I need in order to be happy in my life. I do believe we are here to find happiness and joy. I know from experience that it doesn’t mean there won’t be sadness, grief, etc. To me, it means allowing those emotions to express themselves, but know on a deeper level that things are exactly how they are supposed to be. I know that when I try to make my experiences something other than what they are, I suffer. When I try to do things that go against what my soul is telling me to do, I suffer. When I am suffering, it means that I am not tuned into that “knowing” that I was born with. That knowing is always there for us. It really is our job to find a way to stay connected to that. It is our truth, it is what makes us feel alive.

Outside things are obstacles

Obstacles are put into our path often. When we mentally choose to stay connected to our inner knowing, we don’t suffer as much. When we choose to numb ourselves from what is real, we suffer. When we allow external things to become more important than listening to the inner knowing, we suffer. When we live our life by listening to our inner knowing, we find joy and grace. Whenever I get confused about my path, I meditate, and I ask the question, “what should I be doing, or what can I do to help others”. Sooner or sometimes a little later, an answer just pops into my head, and I know what to do. The main thing I have also realized about helping others, however, is that it is imperative that I stay connected to myself, and that I nurture myself. Otherwise, it is almost impossible for me to help others in  a heartfelt way.  I can try, but if I am disconnected from my soul, my help is not coming from my heart, and that is usually felt by the person I am trying to help, even if they may not be consciously aware of it.


Jumping the hurdles

A few weeks ago, I was suffering greatly. I realize now that I was fighting against what was true. I was trying to change the facts. It never works. It created suffering for me. Once I was able to re-connect with myself, I was able to see that I had forgotten the most important message about myself. I am perfect exactly how I am, and I have everything I need inside of me, regardless of my past experiences. No matter what happens to me or what obstacles are put in my way, I know deep inside, that I have exactly what I need. It may be more difficult at times to connect with my truth, but that truth never goes away. It is always there, no matter what. Staying connected to that inner knowing is the key to my lasting joy and happiness. The hurdles are easier to jump when I stay connected to my truth.


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