Nourishing my soul

Written by Amie on August 10, 2009 – 1:12 am -


A few years ago, I would have had a blank look on my face if someone would have asked me how I nourish my soul. Today, I can answer the question with a list of things that I do. Meditation is a part of my life now. Everyday, I start with meditation. Missing a daily meditation would feel like I left the house without clothes! It really has become an essential part of my life. In addition to this, I read something that inspires me everyday, even if it is a minute here, and five minutes there. There are various other things I do that nourish my soul. Music, some sort of body movement, inspiring audio books, writing, creating, learning and practicing  EFT (emotional freedom technique), mindfulness practice, and of course sharing time with my family.


Making it happen

It amazes me how long I went without any nourishment. No wonder I ended up depressed and feeling stuck! No nourishment means that energy is being sucked out of us all day long, every day. We get into the habit of  just going through the day, surviving. I have been there, I know what it is like. The only way to change this is to start small. Give yourself one minute to just sit and focus on your breath. Then, once you feel how good it feels to do this, move on to two minutes, and so on. Once you start nourishing yourself, it will become something that you can’t go without. Once I started giving myself the gift of nourishment, I realized how much I had been depriving myself. I was starving!

Listen to your heart

A voice inside us will tell us exactly what we need, once we remember what it is like to listen. So many of us have learned to turn the volume down so low that we can’t even hear it. Once we set the intention to give to ourselves, the volume slowly rises. Once you start down this path, the volume will progressively be turned up. It will stay turned up, and at some point, you won’t be able to touch the dial! Your soul really is trying to lead you to a place of joy and self love.

Fast paced world

When I first started listening to my inner voice, I had to adjust to this new path. At times, I felt a bit out of place in the “normal” scheme of things. At some point, I realized I really didn’t care. I decided that I wanted this new feeling of peace, no matter what anybody said to me about it. Even though the world around me is moving fast, I’m not moving fast. I am moving at the pace that feels right to my soul. I am happy about that! Even if things are chaotic around me, I am usually able to get back to a place of peace within a comfortable amount of time. As always, it is a practice. Years ago, I would go into a deep depression for months at a time.

Nourish Yourself!

I want to encourage everyone to nourish themselves. Give yourself the gift that your soul is asking for. Peace and quiet in your inner world. Meditate, pray, sing, dance, create, take time to just sit with yourself, whatever feels nourishing to you.  Be your own best friend. Be the encouraging mentor that you would love to have. You are a gift to the world, and you are the only one who can give yourself the gift of inner peace.


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