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Written by Amie on August 22, 2009 – 12:22 am -

Body image

It seems as though my last post and the Byron Katie video hit home with many people. I received quite a few personal e-mails in response to them. I thought I would write more on this subject, because it has been a huge issue for me in the past few years, and I think it is a common issue for many people. I know that I have been pretty harsh on my own body for quite some time now. While I was walking today, I realized that I have made a significant shift in my thinking. The outcome is that I stopped resisting and fighting against my body, and in turn I trust my body and I am learning to love it again. I realized how I was in a war with my own body! I would want it to be different than it is, it wouldn’t change to look exactly how I thought it should, then I would tell it how much I hate it. Wow. I have read, listened to meditations, listened to seminars about body image, but it never hit me like this. I wanted to believe everything I learned, but I would feel positive until I put the book down, or stopped listening.

Stop Resisting

The difference this time is that I have stopped resisting. When this came to mind, I was reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching, “resist nothing”. Wow, I must have really been ready for this message, as it did not affect me so deeply the first few times I read it. I understood it, but I guess I just wasn’t ready to hear it. I feel so positive right now about my body, I can’t even believe I am the same person. I am saying this to be encouraging, to let you know that it can change, and it will change, WHEN you are ready. I remember hearing other people say that, and I would feel so frustrated! I could not imagine how they could get to that place! Do I look exactly how I want to look? No. However, I keep talking to my body saying, thank you for knowing exactly what you need. I trust you completely to do what you need to do. Thank you for taking care of me for all of these years. I know I said it in my last post, but I have to say it again. I feel loved and nurtured by my body! I feel that it is taking care of me. I can trust that it will tell me what it needs. When my bodytells me it  needs to move, I know it, and I go move. It doesn’t feel like a chore at all. It feels wonderful. And, the absolutely amazing  thing is that I have no agenda. I am not walking to lose weight, or to achieve anything. I am walking because I trust that that is what my body needs.

Setting an intention

At the beginning of the year in my women’s group, I came up with my intention for the year. I think I may have written on here about it. My intention is, “May I trust my inner knowing to reveal my authentic self.”  With this new relationship I have with my body, I really feel like this intention is slowly unfolding. When I am aware and listening to my body, I am in a conscious state, which is my authentic self. When I ignore this voice, I am not  coming from a place of authenticity. When I shut down, I am resisting something. I am trying to change something that can’t be changed. I am fighting against something. I am reminded of Byron Katie’s teachings, loving what is. When we question our thoughts-the ones we are having that are trying to resist what is, we suffer less. For example, when I am in resistance mode about my body, I am saying things like, “my body should be in better shape.” Says who? I am now telling myself that my body is exactly how it needs to be right now. It knows what it needs, and I trust that it will do exactly what it needs to.

Our bodies are Amazing!

I keep coming back to how absolutely amazing our bodies really are. Everything in my body serves a purpose, and it knows exactly what. Each of our bodies look different and feel different and react different, because that’s exactly what they are supposed to be doing. They will let us know when something needs changed. And, until we are ready to listen to them, they will wait patiently for us. They might give us some warnings if they need something sooner than we are ready, but they will send us messages. Once we start accepting and trusting our bodies, it is easier to accept and love our whole self!

Louise Hay-Loving Yourself Part 1 & 2

Also, here is a really nice Deepak Chopra video called “The Wonder of You.”


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