Creating a peaceful environment

Written by Amie on September 2, 2009 – 1:27 am -

Stay connected with a peaceful feeling

I have many reminders around my house that help to keep me connected to that peaceful place within myself. A few years ago in my women’s healing and personal  growth group, we each received a big clump of clay. We could do whatever we felt like doing with it. I ended up making a figurine of a women holding a child. It felt really good to me to see it as I passed the shelf where I had placed it. I decided then, that I needed  to add more healing, peaceful objects to my environment. I added candles, and other figurines. I also made more sculptures out of clay. I didn’t fire them, or do whatever I needed to do after I sculpted the clay, I just enjoyed the process of making them, and placing them around my house. I absolutely love Willow Tree Figurines. This is one that I have on my desk.


Stones, prints, quotes & candles

Over the years, I have added beautiful prints, stones, quotes, candles, etc. around the house. I added to my altar that I have in the space where I meditate. I feel at peace when I am surrounded by these things. I am amazed at how good I feel when I look at them. I have a big bowl full of river rocks by the front door that shares a table with another mama/baby sculpture. I have quite a few of the mother/child/baby sculptures. When I look at these, I remind myself that I am loved and that I can reach for that feeling whenever I need to.

I have a passion for quotes!

I also have a houseful of quotes. My refrigerator is full of feel good, inspiring quotes. I encourage you to add things around your house that make you feel peaceful. I believe that our environment can either create a feeling of peace, or a feeling of anxiety or other distressing feelings. My house isn’t the most organized or even the cleanest house on the block, but it does feel peaceful when I walk in. Adding peaceful objects has really helped me in my journey of healing from depression. When my kids and I color mandalas, we hang them on the walls. When I feel creative and I make something, I put it nearby so that I can see it. I have stones that I pick up and hold when I need some positive energy. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just go with your heart. What feels good to you is right!

Unconditional Compassion

Surrounding ourselves with a peaceful environment also means reading inspiring books,listening to healing music, and watching uplifting, inspiring videos. Here is a video called Unconditional Compassion. This video is absolutely wonderful! The more we work on healing ourselves, the more our inner and outer worlds can match up. There is also an inspiring video called Self-Discovery under Featured Videos. Peace! Enjoy!


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