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Written by Amie on September 16, 2009 – 1:37 am -

Being closed off to possibilities

I encounter people almost on a daily basis that have closed themselves off to possibilities other than what has become habit to them. I look at this from many angles. One angle is that it just isn’t the time yet for them to begin their healing process. Another angle is that they are very scared to try something new. I have written about fear before.What are we hiding from? Why do we get stuck in patterns of doing the same thing day after day if it makes us suffer? Afraid that others will view us as weak if they “find out” our truth. What if others find out that we are suffering and that we are miserable? Well, I have discovered that most people are relieved to hear that we are all human, and we all have ups and downs. Most people are  more apt to reveal their truth knowing that they share a common bond with us. But how do we get to the place of opening up with each other? We have had so many years to learn how to close ourselves off from each other so that it appears as though we have it all together.

Jump out of your box!

I have a lot of compassion, I really do. However, some days it is very difficult for me to go through the motions of listening to someone that I am in conversation with “keep their act going.” It is so hard for me not to just say it aloud, “reveal yourself! Open yourself! Let yourself be alive so that wonderful things can come to you. Jump out of your box, I know it is lonely in there!” I am not coming from a judgmental place,I’m really not. I am coming from a loving place in my heart that really wants to connect with every person that I meet. I want everyone to experience joy and peace in their lives. I want to share who I am with others. Most often, I have to come back to reality, and realize that we are not all on the same path. Not to say anyone is ahead of anyone else, just that all of our journeys do look different. I am used to getting strange looks from people when I don’t hold back who I am. Many are not used to this behavior. The bottom line is that we all want the same thing. We want to be happy, connected to others, have joy, good health, unconditional love, and peace in our hearts. How and when did we get off track? Maybe we never did, maybe humans are just evolving, and this is all part of the process.

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The true journey begins when you open your heart

I think that our healing journey begins when we open our hearts to the possibility that good things will come to us. Healing will come to us, joy will come to us. If we all open our hearts to the possibility of unconditional self love, unconditional peace for all, what will happen? I tend to believe that all of the powerful energy that is focused on love, peace, and happiness will turn our world around when enough people are ready.  I also believe that keeping ourselves on a positive vibration will help elevate those who are suffering and staying on a negative vibration. The more people that focus on the positive, the more positive there will be in the world.

Take the risk to stay open

I have to tell myself everyday, to remain open to joy, peace, love, and acceptance. I remind myself that I can receive healing energy whenever I ask for it. I am amazed more and more every day how powerful we all are. We are just not taking the risk of staying open to it. We have to mentally make the effort to remind ourselves to stay open. As humans have evolved, we have learned that in order to protect ourselves, we must close up and keep everything bottled up inside. It is time to unlearn this pattern. We have the capability to do incredible things. We all have this capability. No matter what our circumstances are, no matter what we are living through, we do have the capacity for greatness. By greatness I do not mean that we must be famous, or do things that become part of the daily news. By greatness I mean reaching our potential of the incredible human beings that we are. I mean loving ourselves enough so that we can love others unconditionally. I mean showing the world our truth, reaching out in loving kindness to each person we meet, remaining non-judgmental, even if we have been judgmental our whole lives. We may have learned this pattern that protected us in some way, but now it is time to change it, “unlearn” it.



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  1. sheryl Says:

    thanks for these words!
    Another angle is that they are very scared to try something new. I have written about fear before.What are we hiding from?
    this is where I am at the moment- what am I hiding from??

    I guess I need to get stuck into meditation to find the answer I can feel it inside me!
    Is it because I am scared of what the answer might be??
    There is only me that can find out!
    sheryl miller

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