Law of Attraction

Written by Amie on October 18, 2008 – 5:18 pm -

My kids and I were talking about the Law of attraction the other day on the way to the store to look for a game they wanted. We talk about the Law of Attraction a lot in our family. I am so excited that my kids are being exposed to it at a young age. At first, they would just sort of listen, but then roll their eyes a bit and tell me that it doesn’t work! Then, one of my sons asked me to tell him an exact time when it worked. Well, I don’t really keep track of everything that way, so I said I really wasn’t too sure.¬†Then we¬†started talking about money and I casually mentioned that money flows easily into my life. Again, they were sort of listening, but weren’t sure what to make of it. We walked into the store a few minutes later and found what we were looking for. As we were headed to the cash register, I looked down and saw a dollar bill! How cool that the Universe was listening and brought a situation into our lives right at that moment, so that my kids could actually see and feel the Law of attraction working. My one son that is more skeptical about this just looked at me and grinned.

I do notice that he is so much more aware of loose money laying around! We have worked on vision boards here as well. I am trying to help them learn that our wish is the Universe’s command! It is very exciting. We talk a lot about how changing your mind about something is all you need in order to start manifesting what you want.


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