Depression is dancing around the edges

Written by Amie on December 2, 2009 – 1:42 am -

Feeling stuck in my mind

The other day I did an extra meditation because I was feeling so out of sorts. I got a very strong message telling me I was feeling badly because I was acting as though I am alone in my suffering. I resisted and fought this idea for awhile, until I told myself to surrender, just let go. I think this is true for so many people. We get so stuck in our minds, that it feels as if we are all alone, and we are the only one suffering. Of course, I know this isn’t true, there are so many people suffering all over the world. But when I am in “the thick” of things, trying to process yet another layer of my emotions, I would swear I am all alone. It feels as though the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and *I* have to fix the whole world single-handedly. When I am in a tough place processing emotions, I have a difficult time even considering the fact that I am connected to all beings in the Universe.

When I am depressed, tune into other people’s positive vibration

I often wonder how people who go through horrendous events in their lives can make it through, and even be joyful and happy. I finally get it. I have believed for the last few years that all living beings are connected at a deep level. We all have access to loving messages. Yes, they do get blocked at one time or another, or sometimes for a whole lifetime. But, now I know for sure, on a very deep level within me, that we all have access to the same loving messages. During my meditation the other day, the message I received was loud and clear. If I am feeling depressed, I can tune into the positive vibrations that other beings are giving out. This may sound strange, sorry about that! Sometimes expressing thoughts can be tricky! What I mean is, if you are feeling depressed, get quiet and still, and ask for others to help you. Ask others who are feeling alive with joy that day to help you by sending you some positive loving thoughts. It works. I may sound a bit goofy, but I feel the need to write this anyway. We are all connected, and we are meant to help and love each other. When I meditate, I send out loving healing light to the universe and to whoever is in greatest need of it at the point in time. So, when I am feeling depressed or anxious, I know that others and also the universe is sending loving healing light out, so it helps me. Hope that makes sense!

Depression dancing around the edges trying to lure me in

It is easy for us to feel isolated in the world we are living in right now. It is common at times for me to feel as though my depression is just dancing around the edges trying to lure me into the dark hole. However, I know *for sure* that asking for healing love and light works. Do I still have to process my emotions and *feel* them. Yep. But, there is an overwhelming feeling that I have support while I do this. I know at a deep level that there is so much more to this physical being than I have been led to believe. The physical begs us to be disillusioned, it is so easy to think that this is all there is, this physical body. But, when I meditate, I *feel*, I *sense* that there is so much more. Love and connection for myself and for others is my goal. Is it always easy? We all know the answer to that. But, I now have a new mantra to add to my collection, and that is, “I am never alone, just reach out and ask.”

“I will be gentle with myself”. This song always makes me feel nurtured.


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