The process of learning to nurture myself

Written by Amie on April 15, 2010 – 12:01 am -

It always comes back to nurturing myself

It seems that no matter what process I am going through, I always come back to the fact that I must nurture myself and be kind to myself. I also realize how difficult this can be when those damn conditioned voices in my head can be so nasty. I went through a few weeks, OK, more like a month or two, of just being really angry. Slowly, I am learning that in order for me to have long term healing, I absolutely have to practice nurturing myself and being extra kind to myself. I have to. Sometimes I do a good job of this, other times, not so much. Sometimes I think I am doing a good job of it only to realize that I completely forgot about myself.

No more being neglected

I want to share with you the process that I am using to feel nurtured and to take care of the “me” inside that was neglected for so many years. So many of us have learned that being neglected is “normal”, or what we deserve. I know I have a difficult time allowing myself to accept nurturing from anyone, especially from myself. Of course, it is me who I most need the nurturing and tenderness from. I am the one who can make myself feel nurtured. If I don’t love and nurture myself, I can’t really receive and “take in” the love from others. Not on a deep level. I must love myself unconditionally. Sounds easy, but it isn’t so easy. When we have learned to beat ourselves up for years, it may take a long time to re-train ourselves to come back to the truth. The truth that we were born with. The truth is that it is OK to feel love for ourselves. It is OK to “spoil” ourselves with positive thoughts in our heads. It is OK to tell ourselves how wonderful we are. And, best of all, it is OK to expect to be happy and full of joy. We are all lovable and we all deserve love from ourselves.

I discover new things about myself everyday

Back to the process I am using. When I wake up each day I go into my meditation space. Each day I write a page full of what I am grateful for. Even if I am feeling bad and the only thing I can come up with is that I am grateful for the pen I am using to write with. When I am feeling depressed, it is really hard to come up with anything I feel grateful for. I make myself do it anyway. I write as many as I feel like writing. Then I turn to the next page and I write one line “stories” about how I want my life to be. I write things like, “I discover new things about myself every day”, or “I love and accept myself completely”, or “I belong in this world”. These can be anything, whatever feels true at the time. I have some that are the same everyday, and many others that are different each day. The bottom line is that I use messages that I want to hear playing inside my head. I know that eventually these kind messages will replace the mean and nasty ones that are not me and never were me. The real me is kind and lovable. I love me, which is another line I write down everyday. After this writing exercise, I meditate. It really ┬ádepends on how much time I have as to how long I sit.

Rocking myself in my new hammock

Now, onto the next very exciting thing! This step I do at night, after I use body movement to help release the emotions in my body. I found this incredible indoor hammock swing that I use to rock myself in, WHILE listening to my own voice reciting loving messages like the ones I mentioned above. This is not so easy to do because I don’t like listening to my own voice. But, it is very powerful! I highly recommend the hammock swing, as it feels like I am being held and rocked. It is so incredible!!!!!! The best purchase I have made in a long time. My kids love it as well! If you are not ready to record your own voice, Louise Hay has many affirmation type recordings that you can download. I also have the one I use for sale on my website.

It is all there within you, just waiting for you to rediscover what you knew when you were born.

I have made a very important pact with myself that I am honoring. The pact is one that I intend to keep forever. I will nurture myself every day. I will promise myself to practice my own special affirmations as many times as possible throughout the day. My goal is to retrain my brain. I want to throw away the lies and reclaim my truth. I want to fall in love with myself without feeling guilty or selfish, or like I am doing something wrong. Loving myself is never wrong, it is always right. We all deserve to reclaim our birthright. We are all born loving and lovable. Expect gentleness, tenderness, and love from yourself, and eventually you will get it. It is all there within you, just waiting for you to rediscover what you knew when you were born.

Here is a positive affirmation video, hope you enjoy it.

**There is also a really beautiful video under “featured videos” about gratefulness. Enjoy!


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  1. marggg Says:

    Warm thanks for this post and video. I am on a similar journey and feel encouraged to find I’m not the only one.

  2. admin Says:

    I’m glad that you found this helpful. I think there are so many on this journey to discover how to nurture and love ourselves. I hope we can all find comfort knowing we are never alone. I’m glad you are here, and thank you for commenting.

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