Remove toxic chemicals from your life

Written by Amie on November 6, 2008 – 9:36 pm -

My son and I went for a walk today. It is absolutely beautiful outside today-sunny, warm, and just the perfect temperature. We were enjoying ourselves immensely until we smelled the stinky pesticide smell coming from a neighbors yard that had just been sprayed. I felt so angry. I wanted to go up to the house and give them information about how dangerous those chemicals are. I do have fliers that we are going to deliver house to house again. I just don’t understand why people spray their lawns. What is wrong with having some crab grass or some dandelions? Dandelions are healthy to eat, and they are pretty to look at. I wish more people would consider how all of the animals and organisms and little critters are affected.

I do not feel like I am nurturing myself if I allow chemical cleaners or body care products with chemicals into my home. I also do not feel nurtured when I go outside and smell toxic chemicals. My hope is that people will start educating themselves on lawn sprays and other products that are sometimes used like they are completely harmless. Let’s go back to using products that do not contain harmful chemicals. It would nice if we didn’t have to worry about our children and pets playing in the yard on toxic grass or breathing in toxic air. I hope that we start nurturing ourselves and the Earth by avoiding toxic chemicals.


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