Your inner voice vs your outer experience

Written by Amie on July 16, 2011 – 1:30 am -

Our hearts are broken but we hide it, we learn to pretend that all is well

We have been taught that depression is an illness and it needs to be treated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it doesn’t, I’m just saying there is a different way to look at it.  I do not believe it is a “condition” that has to stay around forever. Many of us have been told depression should be treated like diabetes, etc. I don’t believe that. This is just my experience though, and I respect others’ experiences that are different from my own. Depression is so prevalent right now because human beings have gotten so far away from love and truth. There is that inner voice that *knows* without a doubt what the truth is. The difficult part is that the outside world is screaming things that make us feel bad about ourselves. The *truth*  and our *external experience* do not match up. Inside me, my voice is shouting,” I just want to be with loving people, sharing my life and experiences on a day to day basis.”  But the message we have learned is that we should be competitive with each other, we should be careful of the crazy people out there, we should not trust certain people, we should do this or that and we will be successful. All negative messages going against what the inner voice (which connects us all to each other, btw) is telling us. We get confused and start ignoring the truth within so that we can “fit in” with others. Our hearts are broken but we hide it, we learn to pretend that all is well. We learn to pretend that we are happy. We learn to hide how we feel for fear of being labeled weird or weak. How sad.

Once you start being who you really are, your depression will slowly start to go away

I am here to encourage you and to help you feel empowered! Yes, there are times when we have to “pretend” with certain people until we can get ourselves into another situation where healthier people are involved. However, most of the time people feel more connected and loving if you share your true self. Others are dying to be real with each other. Look at all of the positive stories happening in the world. Most people are loving and will do anything to help others. This is who we really are! Depression exists because we have gotten away from our truth. So many people have become like robots, just existing to get to the next day. No wonder so many people are depressed!!! I am here to encourage you to start doing one thing per day that helps you to start re-connecting with that truth inside you. Meditation, being in nature, going to a movie; whatever it is that you know makes you feel *good*. Who cares if someone else disagrees with your choice. We *all* hear the same loving messages, we all have a piece of the same thing within us that loves us unconditionally, we are all connected to each other, we are all here to help each other and love each other. Once you start being who you really are, your depression will slowly start to go away. Yes, there will be without a doubt times that you will need to just sit and allow your feelings of sadness or grief or despair to be there, and there will be times that you fall back into a deep dark hole. But the more you practice *feeling*, and the more you start surrounding yourself with people who *see* you and *hear* you, you will start remembering and then knowing without a doubt that all is well, and that you are loved.

Depression is not a disease

Depression is a way of being that came about because we are not living in the way that is true to who we really are. We have been conditioned to hate ourselves. When we start pretending to be something we are not, and we start acting in a way that goes against what our heart really wants, depression is right there waiting to set in. It is our body’s way of saying, “something is off!, something is not right! please listen to me, don’t change who you are!” There are also traumas, horrible situations, etc that will put someone into a deep depression. This is the same thing as I am saying above though-we must protect our hearts when horrible things happen, so we learn to pretend that we are not broken, that we are not hurt, that our hearts are not suffering and aching. Please know I am not saying this is just some simple thing you can just switch.  Becoming aware is the first and most important step. Become aware of what you are saying to yourself, and become aware of *why* you do and say the things you do and say. Is it habit? Do you really feel what you are saying is your truth? I want you to know that you can change, you can learn to nurture yourself in a way that will bring about self-love. Self-love happens when you listen to and follow your heart. When you start following your heart, your heart will lead you to remembering the truth of who you really are.


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One Comment to “Your inner voice vs your outer experience”

  1. sheryl Says:

    Hello Amie,

    Here I am faced with a small problem!
    Iron, my iron levels!

    After many blood tests my iron count was, 7 Feb 2011, and has come up to a fantastic 14, May 2011, in a 4-5months, I have not got the results from the latest blood test which was 8th July.

    I have had more tests done to ascertain my levels of B12 and my thyroid plus urine.

    I have been thinking about this since Thursday( since the Dr’s appointment) and my intuition tells me that my body is not absorbing the iron well.

    My weight is consistent/stable. 69.4kg or 68.9kg

    Considering I don’t each much carbs I am not losing a great deal of weight but i am not exercsing a lot either.

    So I just need to take stock of what’s going on!

    :-/Think about I what I am going to do.

    I am taking Ferro Gradumet an iron supplement till Sept then I will have another blood test to see whether it has come up to and over the 21 mark as this is where the Dr said I need to be.

    Yes, people I know will say why don’t you go to back to eating meat.

    I would expect more understanding and acceptance from those people, so I am still choosing whether to tell them or not.

    Going back to eating meat will make me physically sick, and I beleive put alot of negative energy back into my system which I don’t want.
    But then why should I have to explain myself to others.

    I need to let go of other’s people’s expectations and the pressures that I feel they have put on me.

    I need to be out in nature be involved more with my family, dogs, chickens and gardening.

    The Dr actually said I am chronically tired since I had Ethan as my iron levels then were 7 in 2004, which is the same as now and that was I eating meat, dairy etc.

    I am going to get rid of alot of personal baggage I feel I have collected over time, I can’t continue to carry it as I feel I will eventually travel down the path with disease and sickness, if I continue this way. :-/

    I am not sad or worried anymore, but I have to fix this now with the tools and knowledge I have.

    I have to recommit to my health journey I just can’t let it take care of itself as it can’t!

    Keep smilin and move forward

    Amie, I strongly beleive that my body is depressed and I have abused it and is shouting out for help saying “STOP” enough!

    It will be a slow process!
    This is so true!

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