You are exactly where you are supposed to be

Written by Amie on November 15, 2008 – 4:23 pm -

There have been times when I would get very frustrated with the statement that I am exactly where I should be. I seemed to always want to be somewhere else in terms of my personal growth. I wanted to be farther along. Over the last few years, I have grown a lot, and I finally realize that this statement is very true. If I sit around wishing to be farther along in my journey, I miss out on the most important thing-the present moment. Sounds cliche’, I know, but it really is true. In some of my darker times, when I was feeling hopeless, living in the present moment felt like the hardest thing to do. It seemed impossible because I was trying to escape the painful feelings I was having in the present moment. Now that things seem brighter in my life, I can see how living right now, not in the past or the present, is the best place for me to be.

After reading Byron Katie’s work, Loving What Is, I can now remind myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be because this is exactly where I am. How can I question that? It is what it is. By being in this moment, I am able to feel my growth. By avoiding being here in the moment, I miss out on feeling this because in my head I am focused on being somewhere else, or worrying about something else. Peace is in the moment. Everything is perfect right now. Believe me, I make it sound like it is easy. It wasn’t always easy for me to do, but once I felt the feeling of staying present, I want to always be here. Everything is more vibrant, more alive. I am able to see the aliveness in the world, and especially in other people.

So, I really am exactly where I am supposed to be. And I love it here.


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