Bliss is your intrinsic nature

Written by Amie on December 4, 2008 – 2:56 am -

This is my favorite word right now. Of course I have a quote using this word! It is from Osho, who I really love. I have about ten of his books I think! “Bliss is your intrinsic nature. It is nothing to be achieved and earned; it is nothing to be reached somewhere. You are born with it.” I love when I feel bliss. Today was one of those days that I felt bliss all day long. I started out my day with a very deep meditation, which feels so good I sometimes wish I were a monk that could meditate all day long! Then, my kids and I goofed around and went outside to clean up leaves and to decorate the house with Christmas lights. We made a yummy dinner, my husband came home with his great sense of humor, and it just all felt good. It was a blissful day!

There was a time when I thought I did have to achieve bliss, or I had to do certain things before I could feel bliss. Now I realize that it is always there for me to experience, I just have to remember. Some days I really get this, and it is easy for me to feel bliss. Other days, I don’t remember how to get a hold of it. The good thing is, the blissful days are becoming more and more. On the days when I forget it is there, I am able to acknowledge that I forgot about it. There was a time when I really didn’t think the word bliss would enter into my vocabulary, and definitely not to describe my mood. When I meditate, I am able to feel that place of bliss, so it reassures me that it is there always. This feels good.

I choose to live in my little bubble of bliss, allowing nothing to pop it! I want to reach for this place even when I am having a hard day, especially when I am having a hard day. Since I was born with it, and it is a part of me, it is available to me at all times. I want to choose bliss more often.


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