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Written by Amie on December 8, 2008 – 2:42 am -

So lately we have been questioning alot of things at our house. Right now we are questioning our Christmas traditions. We have been talking about how hard it is to wait around anticipating getting gifts at Christmas. The kids have a very hard time knowing that they have gifts just waiting to be opened. So, we started talking about it. What would they like to do? They both agreed that they would like to do an early Christmas, open presents, and then do something else on Christmas day. We talked about seeing four movies in a row, or making Gingerbread houses, hanging out playing games all day, etc. The bottom line is, trying to find something that feels joyful, instead of stress!

This got me thinking about questioning everything, which I have been doing since my kids were born. I have questioned every detail about why parenting in our culture is horrid and why generations keep passing on the dysfunction instead of stopping it now, and changing the course for their children. I see change happening with a lot of parents, but there is such a large majority that is complacent. 

Some days I feel like a two year old asking WHY, WHY, WHY, Why should we do it this way just because that’s the way we have always done it? Why should I go the route of suppressing my feelings just because that is the way I was taught? Why should we celebrate Christmas the way we always have just because that is expected? Why suffer through it if it is not full of JOY? Hmmm…….I say question everything and make changes accordingly. If my family doesn’t want to celebrate the way we have in the past (because I hadn’t questioned it yet), then let’s change it! I can say that I have some relief knowing that this holiday won’t be full of stress. I am ready to make changes that will create Joy and Peace in our lives. If that means completely revamping everything we do, then that is what we will do. I have already changed most everything in our lives, why not add to that list?

There was a time when I felt scared to be doing so many things that looked different than what society expected. But, now, no more, I feel empowered to change whatever needs to be changed in our lives. I see my children thriving, so I take this as a sign that we are headed in the right direction for our family. If we need to change something again in 6 months or whenever, well then, we will change it again! Change is good. It is exciting to be doing things the way we feel good. I like knowing that we make decisions together as a family after we have talked about why we are doing something. Often, we just look at each other and laugh when we can’t come up with a reason as to why we are doing something a certain way. The answer, “because that’s the way we have always done it”, reminds me of the patented parental answer that I hate-“because I said so” Yuck! 

So, we will continue to question everything, maybe even more than once or twice, or one hundred times. If something does not make us feel joy in our hearts, then we will question it. If it needs changed, it will be changed. 

Step outside the box, and you just never know what treasures you may find…….


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