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Another quote that I love is: “Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss that which insults your soul.” by Walt Whitman.  When I read this quote, I instantly felt some relief. It really made me think about the thoughts and beliefs that I had allowed into my life for so many years that were not really mine. Someone else had given them to me, and I just didn’t think to question where they came from and if they even made any sense to ME. It has been fun examining my beliefs. And, it is very liberating to pick and choose which ones I want to keep, and which ones I will toss out the window. 

It feels good to know that my beliefs are just that, MINE. I am in charge of the beliefs and thoughts I allow into my head. I get to decide if I want the thoughts and beliefs to follow a positive vibration, or if I want to pick up on the negative vibration. Sometimes when I am on auto-pilot, I forget that I have a choice. When I would get into a deep depression, I didn’t have the energy to even think about a choice. Now that I am on the other side of that deep dark place, I am able to remind myself that I always have a choice about the beliefs and thoughts that are in my mind. Sometimes I remind myself, but then decide that I just need to be in a dark place for awhile. I can give myself credit for at least being aware that I have a choice. 

There was a time when I was completely convinced that my thoughts and beliefs were me. I couldn’t separate my true self from those beliefs and thoughts. I could say to myself intellectually that I am not my thoughts, but my body, my cells, would tell me otherwise. It is not easy to know in my soul that I am not my thoughts. I am getting much better at it now. Some thoughts and beliefs just felt so true, it was really hard for me to understand that those beliefs about myself were not me, they were not a part of my true being.

I guess this is the time in my life when I am supposed to question everything about everything. I am enjoying it. It is fun discovering things about myself and my world that I wasn’t aware of before. Being a very sensitive person, I have always picked up on other people’s emotions. I didn’t realize that I would take on those emotions as if they were my own. So, it will take awhile for me to decipher what is mine and what really belongs to someone else. I feel like a detective! 

There are times when it is difficult to speak up and talk about our true beliefs for fear of rejection or of going against what others believe. This is an on-going practice for me. I remind myself that it is ok to speak my truth. I can’t control how others will react to my truth. It is their choice how to react. Not always easy, but it is my intention to speak my truth, even if it is different than the “norm”.


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