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My Experience With Homeopathy

I have been using homeopathy since my kids were born 11 years ago. I had never even heard of it before then. Homeopathy works on all levels of the body-emotional, physical, spiritual. Homeopathy recognizes that each individual is unique, and each will have an individual disease pattern. This is what I am fascinated with. Two people can have the same emotional or physical problems, but they would not necessarily have the same homeopathic remedy. The Homeopath spends time listening to each person, sometimes taking a few hours to really understand what is unique about the person. Compared to the way today’s doctor visits are, this is very unusual for a typical office visit.

Stimulates Your Vital Force

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s vital force, enhancing its ability to heal itself. Homeopathy has been around and has been used for hundreds of years. It is starting to make a comeback. It is used widely in Europe and other countries. There have been some people trying to prove that it is just a sugar pill, or a placebo. However, just recently a study was released that proved it is very effective, and I am proof that it works! I believe that the naysayers are trying to prove it doesn’t work because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make a profit from it. The main reason being that the substances used are not man made chemicals, they are nature made ingredients, so there are not patents for them.

Depression and Homeopathy

I had tried just about everything for depression before I found homeopathy. I wasn’t sure if could help me, because by the time I found homeopathy, I felt pretty discouraged from trying everything else and still not feeling any better. However, I knew that it had worked wonders for my kids in dealing with chicken pox, fevers, eczema, fears, whooping cough, and many other things. Once I tried it, I knew something was different. I started really wanting to do things that were good for me, and I was actually able to do them! At one point, I noticed myself feeling like I became more conscious of my surroundings, things looked clearer, I could “see” people in a different light. It really felt like a whole new world opened up.

Can get Worse Before Getting Better

There are sometimes when past symptoms may show up again. For example, if something was treated long ago with a suppression type medicine, like cortisone or something like that, there is a chance that those symptoms could come back for awhile. But once they are healed, they usually won’t come back. The biggest thing that I like about homeopathy is that it helps the body heal itself, instead of just getting rid of or covering up symptoms.

Kids and Homeopathy

There are two ways to use homeopathy. One is for acute type issues-like fevers, flu, chicken pox, etc. Then, there is a constitutional remedy. This is when the homeopath takes a full history of the person, and wants to know all about the person, including likes and dislikes, things that may be unique about the person. It is a fascinating process. The constitutional remedy must be done by an experienced homeopath.

Works On A Soul Level

Homeopathy works on a soul level. The homeopath that I use describes it using a metaphor. He says that it is like a person who has been shot. The body then has holes in it. The same with a person’s soul. Things that happen to us can cause “holes” in the soul. Traumatic things, the things that make us who we are. Sometimes these traumas can get stuck in our bodies, and we have a difficult time getting around them. So, homeopathy assists the body so that these traumas can heal.

I would love to talk about this more if anyone else is using homeopathy, or if anyone has questions. I am trying to get the word out there about how effective it is, and how it makes our bodies stronger and healthier.


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