Thoughts and what they are

Written by Amie on December 29, 2008 – 1:04 am -

A New Earth

I have been re-reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I am lingering  on the part about how we are not our thoughts, we are the ones watching the thoughts. I have read this many times, and I am not sure that I really “got it”. This time I really got it. It goes back to the “I am not my body”. We are not these physical beings who we see in the mirror. They are just the physical form that is housing our true essence. Sometimes this makes total sense, and other times it kind of goes over my head. For me it helps to treat these thoughts as a person separate from the true me. The thoughts are just that, thoughts, they aren’t always  true, and they aren’t me. They are the conditioning that I received and bought into. Some of the thoughts I have had so many times, that is is easy to convince myself that they are true, that they really are me. I am finally starting to see that this is all false. 

Someone Else’s Story

Every human being is conditioned by family,society, friends,teachers, etc. If we live in society, we are conditioned. It is our job as adults to look at this condtioning and to scrape away what isn’t true. It is our job to reaquaint ourselves with who we really are-the one who deserves unconditional love, and who is loved just because she/he exists. We must become aware of the untruths that lurk in our minds, and transform them into the truth. Our own truth, what is real for us, what makes us feel alive. 

Take Our Power Back

The more I scrape away the untruths from my life, the more powerful I feel. Each time I ackowledge something in myself that isn’t true for me, I take back more of my power. I can feel the change within me each time I am able to scrape away the gunk that doesn’t belong to me. It feels so good!


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