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Written by Amie on January 15, 2009 – 1:06 am -

Intention for the New Year

I just went through a process of setting my intention for the new year. I love setting an intention rather than saying I am writing down my resolutions. Resolutions feel negative to me, like something I need to resist! Anyway, my intention is “May I trust that my inner knowing will reveal my authentic self.” I want to get in touch with that part of me that was born full of goodness, my birthright. I want to be in touch with my unconditioned self. 

Healing the planet


All of this intention setting got me thinking about how doing our own healing work helps to bring Peace into our world. I believe we are all connected, so to me it makes sense that as more and more people choose to become more conscious, the more Peaceful our world becomes. Those  who choose to work on healing themselves are helping the overall consciousness of our planet to become more healthy. 

It is difficult to hear about the horrible things going on in our world right now. It is a natural response to want to help everyone, and fix everything. However, this isn’t always possible on such a large scale. Feeling helpless doesn’t feel good, so I asked myself what I can do to help. For me, doing healing work,  meditating,  and getting healthier makes me feel like I am contributing to the overall health of our planet. I use  the example of how much prayer can help someone who is sick when there is a group praying for them. To me, this is tapping into the overall consciousness, which is why it becomes so powerful. So, this got me thinking about how we can help heal the unconsciousness in our world by meditating or praying , by getting ourselves healthier. 



By having a meditation practice, I know that I am contributing to the well being of our universe. I can feel it. I can feel a connection to a source much greater than myself. Everytime I choose to meditate, I am healing, which in turn is helping to heal others. I believe that all of our consciousness is connected, so the more people meditating or praying, the healthier we all are. I believe the reason our planet is in such disarray is because there are so many people focused on the craziness that is going on, instead of focusing on healing themselves, healing wounds that keep them in an anxious state, or a depressed state. I was one of those people for a long time. I felt stuck in my depression, and couldn’t figure out how to get unstuck. Once I started digging deep, I started realizing my true authentic self. Sometimes it just peeks out and goes back in. Sometimes it stays around for days or weeks. The good thing is that now I know for sure that it is there!  


Contributing to the well being of our world helps us to feel powerful in a healthy way. It gives us a way to help other people. Obviously, there are other ways to help people such as volunteering our time, or helping our neighbors, etc. This all contributes to the overall well being of the world. Healing ourselves and having a daily practice that connects us to a higher source are very important things we can do to help heal our world.  By healing our own emotional wounds, we are allowing our true authentic selves to awaken, which is helping us to heal each other and our world.


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