Seeing through the external

Written by Amie on April 12, 2009 – 11:40 pm -

Sweet friendship
This video warms my heart, and brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I watch it. I have watched it quite a few times! It makes me wonder why, we as humans, aren’t always able to look past the external, to see the real person inside. Why is it that we are so quick to judge one another? For me, the answer is that the person I am judging is probably mirroring something in me that I am needing to work on in myself. Sometimes, I might be in a very grumpy mood and I judge someone else, thinking on some unconscious level, that it will make me feel better. It never does. I try really hard to be mindful of not judging others, because I know how it feels to be judged. It has taken me years of hard work to realize that the judgment I have received from others is not who I am.

Staying present
When I am present, I am able to see that when someone’s behavior bothers me, it is because they have some underlying need that is not being met. It is not about me, most of the time. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt that I also try to give myself. We are all learning and growing, so we all need compassion and respect. If someone else is having a grumpy day, the one thing  I can give them is compassion. Of course, this doesn’t mean to accept behavior that is hurtful.  This is a different story altogether, in my opinion. I am talking more about seeing through the grumpiness, and sending the person love instead of joining in with their grumpiness. Seeing through their behavior, and realizing that they could be dealing with something in their life that I don’t know about.

Judging Others, Judging Ourselves
When we judge someone else, we are judging ourselves as well. We can practice non-judgment by stopping ourselves before we judge ourselves or others.  We can be more aware and try to stay present, instead of going to the judgment that is sometimes so alive in our minds. We are all connected, so what we think about others is what we also think about ourselves. This video is such a great reminder that we are capable of respecting and loving each other without judgment. This is possible,  if we are willing to look past the external, to see the truth that lies inside.

Check out the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesee website as well. It is an awesome place that retired circus elephants go to live out the remainder of their lives. I won’t get started on how I feel  about circus elephants, except to say that there should never be elephants in a circus. It is so wrong!! I will never take my kids to the circus because of the use of animals in the shows….anyway…that’s how I feel.


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2 Comments to “Seeing through the external”

  1. kimkaler Says:

    That’s so cool.

  2. bmpotts Says:

    That was so amazing!! It reminds me of Christian the lion. If you have not seen it yet here is the link.
    I agree with you Amie. The only circus my kids have been to is Cirque Dreams. Animals are part of our world and we should treat our world with respect. They are not here for our amusment.

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