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Written by Amie on February 24, 2009 – 1:48 am -

Expressions Of Self Love by Rita LoydUnconditional Self Love Worksheet

Rita Loyd has allowed me to offer her wonderful worksheets on Unconditional Self Love. This is a great exercise that will help us apply unconditional self love to the difficult areas of our lives. After all, it is when we are most challenged in our life that we sometimes forget to love ourselves.  Nurturing ourselves must be a priority if we want to heal ourselves from the damage that self-hate can cause. Self Love will help us trust ourselves enough so that we can discover who we really are.

Cheri Huber The Depression Book
Here is a great quote from my favorite author Cheri Huber from the book called The Depression Book (listed under links). “If we’re going to find out who we are, we have to stop beating on ourselves long enough to open up to ourselves in order to find out who we really are.”

Conditioned Beliefs
Remember, the messages that you are hearing  in your head are conditioned beliefs, they are NOT who you are. Decide today that you will tell the voice to please be quiet, you are finished listening to the lies. Point out that they are lies as if you are speaking to another person. Step back and ask what proof you have that the things you say to yourself are true. Is this really proof, or are these more made up lies that keep you in self-hate?  Then, change what you say to yourself, even if the words don’t feel true at first. Keep practicing the kind, loving words until these new words get etched into your brain the same as the negative untrue beliefs did. We can change the chemistry in our brains by changing our thoughts. Don’t give up!

Please feel free to download Rita’s worksheet under the links section on the left under Rita’s Unconditional Self Love Worksheet.

Come Back! 

Come back and let me know how it felt and how you are doing with your new thoughts.


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