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Gratitude Journal
I have heard many people talk about keeping a gratitude journal and how they write in it every night before they go to bed. Some people like to write in it each morning before they start their day. I always thought it sounded like a good idea, but I just never got around to doing it myself. Well, that has changed now, and I just want to say that it feels really good to think of things that I am grateful for everyday. At first, it was difficult because I thought I had to do it a certain way. Then I realized how much easier it is when I just let them flow to me without thinking too much.

Things I am Grateful For

I started with, “I am grateful that there is more light each day since we changed our clocks. Then, I am grateful for the peaceful and connecting walks I go on with my dog and my kids. I am grateful for my health, the good health of my family, etc etc. It becomes so easy once I get going. I have noticed that since I started writing them down, I have become more aware of things I am grateful for. Just getting into my car made me think of how grateful I am to have a car. I am grateful for beautiful creations such as this: 



I am now able to see the connection between feeling grateful and acknowledging it, and having more abundance come into my life. The more I acknowledge what I am grateful for, the more positive things, people, and experiences flow into my life. When I focus on being grateful, I attract more things in my life to feel grateful for. This same principal really does apply to all parts of our lives.

“All That We Are Is A Result of What We Think.” ~Buddha

What we focus on most is what we get. I hesitate to write that because I know that when I get triggered by something and depression creeps back in, it is extremely difficult, ok, nearly impossible not to focus on it. I think that is probably a whole different post! I just know that I would always feel angry or upset when a book I read or a person I talked to, would tell me to try to do something else, or just distract myself etc when I was feeling depressed. Sometimes I could do that, other times not so much! However, I do try to practice the “fake it till you make it”. I would try to journal or write something I felt grateful for even if I couldn’t believe it at the time.

I am Grateful for You!

I am grateful for the readers that come to my site. I am grateful that I have this outlet for healing myself and hopefully helping others to heal. I am grateful for the opportunity for connection with the readers that send me e-mails, and those that leave comments. Thank you!


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  1. merialiss Says:

    Firstly–I am grateful for the Work you do here! And to the Universe for pairing us up 🙂
    Secondly–another problem with the distraction method of avoiding depression is that the distraction itself can become a way of life simply because the fear of depression can be so strong! I get stuck in that trap a lot–I find something that “makes me happy” and then I want to do it to the exclusion of all else to keep that happy feeling.
    The great thing about paying attention to my thoughts is that by remembering to be grateful, I build the habit of seeing the abundance–even if I never attract it to me! It’s a muscle I keep working out and as it gets stronger I am better able to see more and more things for which I am grateful.
    On the worst days, breathing isn’t worthy–but I tell you one thing–my ego is such that a wee bit of advice I received long ago always helps: I can always say, “I’m grateful I’m not so and so (insert person with whom I really do not get along)–it’s always a good starting point or at least it lightens me up a bit because it reminds me of my raging superiority complex 😀
    Thanks again for this!

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