A Chance to Start Over Every Second

Written by Amie on March 24, 2009 – 1:42 am -

My Stories Are Not Me
The real me can only be in the present moment. When I am not in the present moment, I am not me. The stories I tell myself are not me. When I am present, I am in connection with my source, which is the truth of who I am. If I am not present, it means I am following stories of things that happened to me, stories about what the people with me right now are thinking, what I want to do in the future, or the other thousands of things I tell myself. It just means that I am not being me. I am the one in the silence that is listening to the stories and the thoughts running through my mind. I have to remind myself that the stories in my head are not true. The stories and the thoughts are my mind’s interpretation of an experience. I am not my mind, nor am I my mind’s interpretation of my experiences. Adyashanti has a great book called The End Of Your World. Watch him here:


The Observer
If I can step back, I realize that the more I listen to these interpretations, the more I buy into the stories and thoughts. I try to picture myself as a tree, just watching (feeling) the wind blow through my branches. I am the observer of the wind. I strive to be the observer of my thoughts. The more I am able to connect in with the silence, the more I am able to realize that *this* is where my truth lies. *This* is the place where I am connected to everyone and everything. When I am here, my outer story doesn’t exist.

tree-wind-blowingTake a Breathe
I was listening to A New Earth again, and I was reminded that my purpose is to awaken. When I am in the present moment, I am awake. When I follow a story, I become unconscious. When I am unconscious, I am not me. The good news is that every second is a chance to come back to the present moment, come back to who I am and come back to my inner purpose. Every single second we get to start over. Breathe, become aware, be present. A single breath is all it takes!  When we focus on our breath, we can’t be in our stories. Therefore, we are in our truth.

Aware of The Breath

When a wave of depression hits me, I don’t always have the energy to remember all of this. However, when I can remember to just be aware of my breath, if even for a second, I remember that I am not my stories. It gets easier each time. I know that at some point I will be able to be completely sure that I am not my stories, and they will stop trying to intrude so much in the life that is really me.


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  1. Ian Says:

    I can really see you have understood Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and you are putting them to good use in your life. I got heavily into Tolle for a while, but I ended up thinking “Is this all there is?” I’d calmed my mind, but my body wanted some adventure! Thankfully, I discovered Taosim, which is a better fit for my psychology and physiology. It seems to be more about doing/action rather than knowing/truth. (“Knowledge without practice is useless”)

    Another issue I have with Tolle is that he happily skips over what he calls “practical matters” yet these are the very source of most of our troubles. Yes, we make up a lot of our own problems through obsessive thought patterns and the ego, but there are also a lot of real problems that need to be handled daily. So Tolle has become more of a tool in my arsenal rather than the complete solution.

    Your last paragraph has reminded me of a good website I found when I came to the realisation that depression was a habit: http://www.studentdepression.org/the_depression_habit_spiral.php. The more you break the cycle, the easier it becomes, as I’m sure you have noticed.

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