Taking things too seriously

Written by Amie on April 8, 2009 – 12:51 am -

soma-smileysAs I was straightening up my kitchen today, I started thinking about how some days I feel like I take things way too seriously. Somewhere deep inside myself I knew this, but for some reason today it felt like a shock! Me, take things seriously? No way! It seems like we make things so much more difficult than they need to be in this culture. I guess it goes back to trying to have everything perfect. The amount of self help books, diet books, health related books etc etc is astronomical! Did we make a wrong turn somewhere along the line, or is this just a normal part of being human? My belief is that we became too greedy trying to have the perfect life, which doesn’t exist.

There are days when I think to myself that maybe I’m not doing enough, or doing enough to make my kid’s lives exciting. Then I realize that we are happy doing exactly what we are doing. We do new things as they come up, we try new things, we go places that sound interesting, and best of all, we spend a lot of time together. It is only when I compare us to other family’s and what it looks like from my perspective. Sometimes I think others do more than we do, but then I realize that I don’t want us to be scheduled every minute of every day. We do not thrive when we schedule too much. I want us to have time to just be, to just putter around doing whatever strikes our fancy. Anyone can schedule things for the whole day, but would it be worth it, if that’s not what makes us happy? No, I say, in answer to my own question, I would be a grumpy Mom, which makes for grumpy kids, which makes for grumpy days!

Sometimes it just strikes me as being so ironic that we have to buy equipment to exercise, and we have to buy books to tell us how to eat, how to process our feelings, how to communicate with our loved ones, etc etc. Wow, what happened? Thinking of this makes me feel like we are in a big jar like a bunch of bugs and someone is peeking through just watching us, shaking their head, wondering when we are all going to wake up and realize how simple it could really be, if only we would stop trying so hard to be perfect.  Believe me, I have all of the books that I named above, and the exercise equipment! It just kind of hit me today though-what is it that we are all really striving for? My answer is joy and health for myself and my family. I am also striving to help others reach these things by sharing my experiences and trying to make a difference. 

This post may sound a bit incoherent, I don’t know. It just kind of strikes me some days about how difficult we sometimes make our lives. Sometimes we think so much about how we want things in the future, or how bad things were in the past, or what could be if we just do certain things. But, I thought what a waste of time it is to think or worry about any of those things! I am alive right now, in this moment, so why not just put my hands up in the air and give up the need to be perfect?! And, while my hands are in the air, I think I will turn the music up really loud and dance…just because I can!¬†


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