Everybody deserves to be seen and heard

Written by Amie on November 3, 2008 – 5:43 pm -

I was shopping the other day with my Mom and my sisters. I was so disturbed by how many young children were crying in their strollers, and the adult with them just continued shopping, like the child was not even upset. I wanted to go over to the person and ask them why they were ignoring the cries of their child. Was it more important for them to find that pair of pants that they were searching for? Were they deaf and could not hear their children screaming? It was very difficult for me to just keep walking. I imagined an adult as upset as those children, walking down the mall with someone. Would the person they were with just ignore them if they were visibly upset, crying their eyes out? I seriously doubt it. There would be strangers asking if they could help. I have been tempted many times to go up and offer help to the parent of a screaming baby or child. But I have always feared doing that thinking the parent would think I was a bad person trying to steal their  child or something.

It is so sad to me that parents in our culture think a screaming baby can just be ignored. While shopping!!! The parent is shopping!! The baby is wailing, looking to the parent for comfort, and the parent is searching through clothing trying to find a bargain. This is reality for some young babies and children. This is acceptable??!! This nauseates me. Why is this ok? I really wish people would let their hearts open up again, and feel their humaness. We have been so shut down as a society, ignoring our own feelings, and those of our children.

During this same shopping trip I saw a beautiful little boy being carried in a sling by his Mother. This was the child who was happily looking around, knowing that his Mother was right there to make him feel secure, and most importantly WELCOME in her world. This was a beautiful, heartwarming scene. The child was joyful, and it was obvious that he was loved and cared for. His needs were being met, his Mother was in connection with him and it was obvious. I wish more people could witness this, and actually let themselves feel how wonderful it is to be treated this way. The majority of us were raised without having a strong bond to our parents or caregivers. It is time to change the “norm”. It is time to see that our children deserve to be treated with respect and kindness and love. To KNOW in their soul that they are loved and that they have a place here. Our society is healing one baby at a time by Mothers who are in tune with their babies and children, and who treat their children with respect.

When we allow ourselves to listen to our instincts even when they go against what our society says is “normal”, we are healing ourselves while giving our children the beginning that is their birthright. The beauty of giving this unconditional love to our children is that we heal ourselves of the wounds we have from our own childhood. Give your children what you needed as a baby or child, and you will start to heal. It is an amazing process.


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