Healing body memory

Written by Amie on October 13, 2011 – 9:38 pm -

Learning to trust my body

Massage has been an important part of my healing journey. When I first started receiving them, I was apprehensive. I was afraid of what my reaction would be to a stranger touching my body. I allowed myself to go into it slowly, and I made sure to use my voice to tell the person if I had any discomfort. For the most part, I have gotten relaxation massages to learn how to trust my body to tell me what it needs and to trust my instinct on whether or not a person feels safe. I also get them because I love them! It feels wonderful to have one whole hour of someone lovingly focused on nurturing my body. I feel pretty greedy when it comes to this. In a good way, of course. 🙂








Emotions and traumas get stuck in the body

My healing journey seems to be focused on body healing in this moment. I say this because I recently started going to a new massage therapist, and I know my body is clearing many body memories. Our bodies hold so many memories. This is especially true if we grew up repressing our emotions. Emotions and traumas get stuck in the body if we don’t fully express them. I went to the first appointment thinking it would be like all of the others I have been to. It turned out to be so much different. It is difficult to explain why it was different, but my body responded very differently this time. Maybe my body is just at a point where it is ready to clear old memories. Or maybe it is the technique used by this particular therapist. I guess it really doesn’t matter why. All I know is I have been having strong reactions that lead to deep crying. I can’t put words to the tears really. Maybe deep sadness, grief, past fear. Those are the three that come to mind. I’m not afraid of it. It really feels beyond words when it happens, which is the reason it feels as though my body is clearing repressed emotions and traumas.

 I am okay with not knowing exactly what my body is releasing

These are the times when I am in awe of my body. I think about how many times my body has protected me. I think about how my body has learned to cope so I could continue to function in the world. It amazes me what my body is capable of! I have gotten to the point where I am okay with not knowing exactly what my body is releasing. It just feels good and feels like a relief to let go of what I don’t need. I have learned to trust my body and to trust it to tell me what it needs. Massage has helped me stay connected to my inner self. I highly recommend massage for everyone, and especially for people healing depression.

Here is a video with Eckhart Tolle called “Reconnecting with the body”.




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