Reprogramming my brain!

Written by Amie on June 22, 2009 – 2:03 am -

Light at the end of the tunnel

When I started on this healing path, I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to change the thoughts running through my brain. They had been in there for so long that I thought the pathways were set for life. I was wrong. We can start to reprogram our brains the moment we make the decision to try. The more we think a thought, the more it is ingrained in our brain. However, if we choose to start believing other thoughts, our brains begin to change. It isn’t easy at first, because it is new. Sometimes doing something new can feel wrong, but that is only because we aren’t familiar with it YET. The more we practice, the more familiar it becomes, the more we begin to believe the new thoughts. I know from experience that it is possible to change. It is hard work, but if we stay diligent, we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not allowing your set patterns to take over

It is true that we are creatures of habit, so our familiar thought patterns come easily to us. Once we start working on changing them, the little voice inside tries to rear it’s ugly head even louder. I choose to talk to the voice and tell it thanks, but no thanks. I keep repeating my new beliefs, even if they don’t feel true yet. I tell myself things such as, “those thoughts are not true, I choose to believe that I am okay, that I am a wonderful person”,  or whatever the new belief is at that moment.  I know now that I make progress, and then sometimes I take a few steps back. This is all part of the healing process. After the two steps back, the voice becomes more quiet each time. The voice that is used to being heard gets very needy when you stop listening to it as much. It wants to cling to the old habits of beating you up with words. The voice does not want you to stop listening to it.  I decided to stop anyway. I know deep in my soul that we are all born perfect. It is the conditioning we receive and the societal pressure to be perfect that brings about those negative voices that can be ruthless. I am choosing not to believe those voices. I am choosing to awaken the voices that have been there all along. They got  buried, and I became afraid to trust them anymore.

Time to release those negative thoughts and beliefs

As long as it is my choice to think and believe the thoughts that I want to think and believe, it is possible to change my brain. When I let go of the conditioning that I have learned over the years, I feel freedom. Does it just go away over night?  No, but it gets better and better each day. Do I still have bad days or weeks? Absolutely. I really believe that is part of being human. We will have times when we feel despair. It is a normal human emotion. The key is not to allow the negative voices to beat you up on top of despair. When I am able to just listen to my despair, feel it in my body, and then move around to release the feelings, I do much better than when I choose to  judge the feelings. I didn’t believe it was a choice whether or not to listen, but it really is. I make the choice-I can either listen and decide to believe the negative thoughts, or I can make the decision to fill my head with loving things about myself. I know that in order to grow to love myself, I must choose to fill my head with everything positive about myself.


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