How to nurture yourself to heal depression

Written by Amie on August 15, 2011 – 1:12 am -

The way to heal from depression is to honor your true voice

So many people are searching for ways to nurture themselves. So very sad that most people do not know how to do this. Most people are taught to think about everyone but themselves. Most people are taught to be concerned with what others think of them before being concerned about how they feel about themselves! People are conditioned to follow along with what “the authority” figures deem important. We have been conditioned to hide who we really are. The way to heal from depression is to honor your true voice. Let yourself be honest. Express how you really feel. Will this be easy after years of repressing and hiding your voice, your beliefs, your thoughts, your opinions, your truth? No, it just takes a lot of practice. Can you heal yourself from depression? Absolutely! But you have to be willing to show yourself. You have to practice facing your fear of being your true self. It won’t happen overnight, but if you keep practicing and you also practice compassion for yourself, you will transform your depression into self-love. You will soon be nurturing yourself because you listen to what your inner truth is telling you. Once you start listening to and acting on your truth, nurturing yourself is the result.

All of these things condition us to go against ourselves

Breaking free of the conditioning most people learn is the key to healing depression. Our world tells us we need to be perfect, be successful, be thin, be rich, be beautiful, be the same as everyone else, act happy, don’t feel emotion, hurry up, be nice, be who your parents want you to be, be who society wants you to be, don’t be angry, hide yourself, don’t trust yourself, listen to other people’s opinions of you, don’t listen to your inner voice, be afraid, listen to your fear, trust the authority even if it feels wrong to you….I could go on and on. None of these things are nurturing! All of these things condition us to go against ourselves. All of these things teach us to distrust our inner voice. These things are the reason why so many people are depressed! We have been conditioned to be afraid of showing the world our true inner beauty. Depression exists because our truth is locked in a box deep within. The harder we try to contain our truth, the angrier we feel. The more angry we feel, the harder we fight to try to contain our truth. The more we try to contain our truth, the more depressed we become. Depression gets deeper and deeper the longer the truth is hidden.

protect yourself by being “good”

It is not easy to say what you really want to say. This is especially true if you have been conditioned to believe you are somehow bad for stating your opinions or your needs. If, as a child, you were punished for needing anything, you learned to lock up your truth, and to hold in your thoughts and feelings. You learned that being “good” got you farther than expressing your truth did. It is fortunate that children have the built in ability to shut down parts of themselves in order to protect themselves. Emotions can be turned off, shut down. This happens for a reason. Humans are built to survive. This is a good thing. I learned to be thankful for my protective instincts. However, if you are an adult, you now have the ability to take care of yourself. You get to decide what is best for you, and who you will trust to be a part of your life. You no longer need these coping mechanisms that served you as a child. You are in charge of your life! This is great!

how to nurture yourself

So, I am back to the question of how to nurture yourself. I learned to nurture myself by listening to my inner voice, and then trying to follow it. I am still learning, but it is getting easier with practice. It takes so much practice! It is like learning a completely new skill. I am learning to have compassion for myself. I try to treat myself as I would treat a newborn baby or a very young child. I give myself a break when I revert back to my old habits. I allow myself time to sit and have a good cry. I honor the little girl in me who just wants to curl up and read a book. I listen to my body when it is telling me it needs to move. I get a massage to nurture my body. I feed my body foods that make it feel good. But, if I eat something that I know will make me feel bad afterward, I refrain from telling myself how bad I am. Instead, I say oops, maybe I won’t eat that next time. The key is to have compassion for yourself! Your inner judge has been abusive enough all of these years. Give yourself a break. Listen to what you tell yourself on a minute to minute basis. Write down what you say to yourself, and then apologize to your inner self. Become aware. The messages you are saying to yourself that are mean and judgmental are never true. It is all conditioning. Not of it is the truth. Remember that every single situation is neutral. It is the judgments and stories we tell ourselves that make them stressful.

You are love….you have the answers you need right inside you…..dig through the old lies and stories to re-discover the truth you were born with… are a beautiful soul… deserve to be here… deserve to feel joy every day……let go of the old stuff you have carried around for years…..question every single thing you tell yourself…..only keep it if you know it to be 100% true….that means you have to prove that it is true! Do something for yourself that feels good…right now….love…


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Who are you? Please come out, the world misses you

Written by Amie on December 23, 2010 – 7:32 pm -

Listen to your inner voice

I’m not sure where this message came from, but I’m thinking it came straight from my soul. I didn’t even sit down to write a post, but suddenly I knew I needed to. Please reach out to find what you need. You are so important to the world. We miss you and your presence, and your truth. Please don’t go against what your inner divine voice is saying to you. You are important, and you deserve joy and love in your life, I promise you. The love you were born with is right there waiting inside you. Look at yourself in the mirror and welcome yourself back to your life. See deep into your eyes, we are all there too, I promise you. Look someone else in the eyes. Really *see* them, and then see what you have in common with them. We are all in this together. I am here for you always, and I mean that with all of my heart. You are loved. You *are* love.

Your inner world

No more hiding who you really are, the world feels your absence. Depression is so prevalent because the external world does not match up with all of the love and truth that is contained in  our internal world. There is not something wrong with you if you can’t get your internal world to jibe with the external. It’s a really *good* thing that it doesn’t. Your internal world is right-the external world is way off balance and you are feeling it. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling *different* or depressed. Listen to that internal voice because something is way off. It is our world, not each of us individaully. We are all one, and the way to heal this crazy off balance world is to live your internal world on the outiside. Show the world your truth. Yes, you may have been taught that who you are is not right, not good, or just not enough….but that lesson was so wrong! That lesson was taught to you through someone else’s fear. They probably didn’t mean for you to learn fear, but that was all they knew.  So, guess what? It really is safe for you to come out.

We miss you

The world is missing a link….and that link is you. You were right there all along, but we were missing you because you were hiding your beauty, your magic, your truth. Please come out and show us who you are. If someone around you says they don’t like it…it is only because they are living in fear. Don’t make yourself small or invisible just to appease someone else’s fear. It is not fair to everyone else around if you hide your beauty. It may feel scary at first. That’s ok, reach out to someone who loves you. I love you! Let them know how hard it is for you to just be you. How afraid you are to show what you really need and want and believe and feel.

We are all one

You are a part of me, and I am a part of you. We are all connected. When you hurt, I hurt. So many people are hurting right now because they don’t know that everyone around them cares about them. The way to peace is to be yourself and live your truth. If everyone did this, our world would be at peace. Heal those things in you that still hurt. In order for me to be who I am, I must allow myself to feel; pain, anger, disappointment, sadness, joy, happiness, fury….every emotion.It can be hard but only because you were taught to fear emotion. That’s the reason. You were taught that feeling emotion is hard and wrong and not necesary and that you should be afraid of it. It can be tough, yes. However, you will get to the other side of it when you allow yourself to feel those crappy feelings that come up. They can’t hurt you anymore, they can only help you heal.

You are perfect

Raise your head up and walk with the power that has always been with you. It never left. Fear just got louder than love. Let love have a voice again. Make changes in your life so that love becomes the dominant role. No more judging others, because that means you are also judging yourself. You have had more than enough judgment in your lifetime. You are perfect and you always have been, this I know for absolute sure. Fear overrode and that let depression in. If you need help finding your buried self, please reach out to ask. We are all in this together even though we have been taught that we should be independant and that we should be strong and do it all ourselves. That is more fear based wrong information, I assure you. Reach out to a trustworthy friend, a therapist, find a homeopath (e-mail me if you need help with this), get a massage to nurture yourself, join a group of like-minded people, volunteer at an animal shelter. Do things that nurture YOU, your spirit, who you *really* are. We are here to experience love and joy. There will be bumps along the way, but if you allow yourself to be truthful, and to feel your truth, you can weather all of the bumps, I assure you.

The Power of L O V E :



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