Don’t be afraid to show your inner strength

Written by Amie on May 1, 2010 – 12:07 am -

Find the goodness that is already within you

Eckhart Tolle said, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.” For about the past week or so, the message that it is OK to be powerful and strong has been coming to me during my meditation. For me, this message means it is OK to show who I really am, I am already “good”, it is OK to have inner strength and joy. After hearing this message a few times, I decided to journal to see what came up. A very strong feeling of “toning my real self down” so as not to come across as a strong woman kept coming to my mind. I was a bit surprised by this at first, but then I realized how this all fits together with learning to hide my truth. I can see patterns in my life now of how I was conditioned to believe I shouldn’t show my true self because that truth was “too much” for some people to handle. I definitely don’t mean this in some bragging way at all. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, my true self was not what some others could handle at any given point, so I learned to “be who they needed me to be”. I needed to be a good girl, and not cause too much of a stir about anything. I learned to be something I am not, so that I might feel loved. I needed to learn to be other people’s definition of what a good person is.

Make my life easier; do as I say, and act the way I need you to act

It helps me to know where this pattern came from, but not so that I can dwell in the past. Understanding and clarity help me to heal. I can really see how this pattern is common with so many people. Our society’s idea of a “good” person is to follow along with what everyone else is doing so as not to cause a stir.Many people in our society would rather have obedient, “good” children, which to me means, “do as I say, and act the way I need you to act so that my life is easier, and so you look like a “good” person to the people around you.”  I am not angry that this pattern was set up in my life. I am actually grateful for it. I understand how people are in a place in their lives where they are just barely hanging on themselves. Taking on the needs of a child may be just too much for them. Maybe there are other issues going on that cause them to be focused on their own lives. I am not angry, I am excited to discover I really am a powerful person and who I am is more than just OK! This is exciting to me because for years I believed I wasn’t good enough or that I didn’t have enough to contribute to this world to make a difference. I was so wrong about that! We all have gifts that need to be seen in this world, and we all have a right to express ourselves. It is just a bit more difficult if we grew up believing we had to be someone else in order to be loved.  As children, we trust that the adults around us will empower us and nurture us and allow us to be exactly who we are. Unfortunately, that isn’t always how it works. So many adults have unmet needs and unexpressed or repressed emotions inside of them which makes them unable to meet the needs of the children around them. I guess that’s why this human thing is called “being on a journey”. We are all learning as we go.

Let your truth shine bright

It was a relief to me to discover that I am in charge of my life. No matter what my past beliefs were, I am living in this moment right now, and that means I can be who I really am. Nobody else gets to tell me how to be. This alone restores my power. As an adult, each one of us has the right to choose how to live their own life. I wish this were the case for each child as well, but I will keep working on that part. The process of allowing that inner strength and hidden truth to be free is my main focus in life. I feel really happy when I think about expressing who I really am. I do know without a doubt that I am part of something so much bigger than me. I can see now that  create my own journey. I can choose to be who I am or not. I empower myself when I nurture this message. It is safe for me to be who I am. When I express honesty and truth, I am being authentic. This is who I really am. Living in each moment brings me to an authentic place. The strongest message deep within my heart in this moment is this, “You are an incredible being, express your truth and your inner beauty. Show your truth, and let it shine bright!” Each one of us was born with this message. Stop looking everywhere else for validation of this truth, it is already there, right inside you. Move stuff around a bit, and you will re-discover the truth of who you really are.

Eckhart Tolle, Quotes from “A New Earth”

I love the quote that I added at the top of my site under “Daily Nurturing” by Marianne Williamson. It is so true for all of us!


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Depression is a wake-up call to heal and nurture yourself

Written by Amie on December 10, 2009 – 12:23 am -

woman-talking-on-phone-angry-uidYou are not flawed or weak

Many people think that having depression means they are flawed. I know I did. Depression is sometimes viewed as having a weakness. People who believe this have no idea what struggling with depression is really like. Depression does not mean you are flawed in any way, nor does it mean you are weak. It really means that you are ready to wake up to your truth! It is a major wake up call. Believe me, I never saw it this way when I was in the deep dark hole of depression. I believed 100% that I was flawed. I understand the reason I thought there was something wrong with me. It was  because I spent all of my energy trying to make my depression go away, instead of focusing on what was going on inside me. I tried to find something, anything, that would end my suffering. I had no clue that in order to make my depression go away, I would have to face my truth. It is sometimes a very painful process.

Our nervous systems are on overload, let your truth take the reins

Since so much of our world (the environment, the structure of our world) is depressed right now, it is no wonder so many people are depressed. I saw a statistic that antidepressant usage in the United States has doubled in the last decade.  Our nervous systems are on overload. Our inner world mimics our outer world unless we make the conscious decision to allow our truth to take the reins. Many people choose to continue down the path of suffering for many reasons. They may choose “DOing”, instead of “BEing”. They may choose to keep themselves so busy that there is seemingly no time to deal with their inner world. It is different for each person. Some people are just not ready to awaken. Others begin the journey, but stop when it becomes too painful. I can relate to this. Awakening is a wonderful, empowering path, but it is also painful and difficult at times.

Feel your full range of emotions

Our culture encourages avoidance and repression of emotions. Medication is encouraged usually from the start to make the “symptoms” go away. Medication is necessary in some cases, but should not always be the first suggestion in my opinion. Our society encourages us to avoid emotions and feelings. The thought is that we need deal with it quickly and then just get on with life. It is assumed that happiness with follow. Well, this doesn’t always work. If you are human, you have a full range of emotions. Not one of them is more important than the others. Not one of them is worse than the others. Depression comes in when we repress, avoid, or ignore our emotions. As children, it is sometimes necessary to create coping mechanisms in order to survive varying traumas. This also sets up the pattern of depression. Coping mechanisms are usually taken into adulthood. Therefore, years and years of repressing emotions are accumulated.

Depression is the beginning of a wonderful journey

The most wonderful news is that we all can heal. Everyone is capable of healing. As we each heal individually, our world also begins to heal. Everyone and everything is connected, so our personal healing contributes to the world healing. All humans have emotional wounds. Depression is a big, and sometimes very loud wake-up call for us to begin healing. For most people, depression will keep nagging at them until they finally pay attention to the cry for healing. Depression is not a weakness, it is a call to re-discover your strength. Depression is a call for you to remember to nurture yourself and your truth. Depression is the beginning of a wonderful journey of allowing yourself to be exactly who you are. Depression is a call from your soul letting you know that change is needed. Your inner connection is broken and is ready to be repaired. Repaired with love and nurturing that you deserve. Be Gentle with yourself. Be nurtured. Pure love is within you right now, and always.

The Illusion of Self Image, by Adyashanti



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