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Written by Amie on November 20, 2008 – 1:07 am -

During my healing process I have discovered that I have been suppressing my need to help other people. I was always the “helper”, the peacekeeper, the “good girl”. Oh how I dislike the label of good girl! I realized that the type of help I was doing was out of guilt, not very healthy. I thought if I did everything people asked of me, that would make me good. Well, fast forward some years, and I don’t do that anymore! I help people when it feels good to me, and it is a different kind of help now. It is coming from a healthy place in me. I want to be able to use my experiences to help others. I want to help children and teenagers know how worthy they are, and that they are incredibly special just because they were born. I want to help others with depression because I have been through it, and I still have bouts of it on occasion. I believe our healing journey is an on-going process. If I said that I was a completely healed and enlightened person, I think that would mean that I am not even close to that! I feel like I had to go through my own healing journey from depression so that I can help others. I want people to ask me what helped me, because there were so many times when I was desperately seeking anything that might lift my mood.

A few months ago I was meditating, and a very strong feeling came to me that made it clear to me that I really need to help other people. It felt like such a relief to me, like it was there the whole time, and I just wasn’t ready for it before. I had such a sense of calm, and a sense of purpose. I felt so excited.  So, here I am, ready to help! Please feel free to write on the forum or e-mail me. Ask any questions, and I will share my experiences with you. My heart grows wider every time I feel like I gave someone some information that might help to make their life just a little bit brighter!


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