Rediscovering my inner voice

Written by Amie on June 11, 2009 – 2:33 am -

Just 2 more bites

Imagine sitting down for dinner with a friend, a spouse, a partner, someone that you love and trust. Now imagine that you decide you are not hungry anymore, or that you would like to get up and move around before eating. Imagine if the person you are with holds onto you and will not let you go until you take 2 more bites of the food on your plate. They tell you no, you can’t get up to move around until after you finish eating, even though your body is telling you it really needs to move around right now.  For many children, this begins the path of learning to ignore their inner voice. They learn to shut off their truth, or to judge themselves  as “bad” for thinking something other than what they were taught is “right.” Many people have  been taught that someone else will tell them what to do, what to feel, and what they need. The inner voice gets turned way down so that it can’t be heard.

Am I hungry?

Many children are not even given the opportunity to decide when they should eat or sleep, the most basic of needs. They have been told since birth when they should eat, and when it is time for them to be tired. When did we lose touch with each other so much, that we are willing to listen to an “expert” over listening to our baby, or to our own inner guidance?  I witnessed a mother refusing to feed her baby because it hadn’t been 3 hours! The baby was clearly hungry, screaming, and the mother would not feed him. The mother claimed to be teaching the baby that he needs to be on a schedule. What he learned was that even if I scream, my needs will not be met. He learns to stop screaming, and the mother thinks she is successful with her lesson. In reality, the baby is on the path to losing himself. We have learned not to trust our own instincts. When we do decide to listen, it somehow feels wrong to us because we have never experienced what it feels like to honor our own voice. When we allow ourselves to listen again, we discover that inner guidance that was buried.

The good news!

The good news to all of this is that we can decide to start listening to our truth at any time we choose. It is waiting for us. Yes, it takes practice at first, but the more you listen to your heart and honor your truth, the stronger you get. Once I became aware that I wasn’t listening to what was true for me, a whole new world opened up. I honestly wasn’t aware that I had needs other than the basic ones. I was accustomed to paying more attention to what others thought of me than to pay attention to what I needed. Learning to listen to our inner voice is much easier to learn if we start young.  If you have children in your life, give them the gift of loving and honoring their voice that is there to help them discover their truth. As always, please be gentle with yourself while you are honoring yourself and rediscovering your own inner voice.



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