Overcoming depression; the magic answer

Written by Amie on August 27, 2011 – 12:43 am -

You will be depressed until you listen to your truth, become aware of your thoughts, and honor your needs

So, there is no “magic” fix when it comes to overcoming depression. The fact is, our world has taught us to repress and ignore how we really feel. And we have learned that we are bad if we have emotions and if we have needs. So, in other words, we have been taught to not be humans! We have learned to hate ourselves if we have needs. Most people don’t even acknowledge that they have needs! As I always say, if you ignore your truth, depression will hang around. You will be depressed until you listen to your truth, become aware of your thoughts, and honor your needs. If you want to overcome depression, stop looking for a quick fix. There is not one. Becoming human again is the starting point. Finding a classical homeopath can be a life saver. Learning meditation helps enormously. Becoming aware of the thoughts you tell yourself is huge! Questioning everything you believe is a must! Don’t believe everything you think!  Say what is true for you, even if you think others won’t like it! That is their problem, not yours! They have a journey too. Let them have it. You control your journey, that’s the only one. Love yourself…or at least begin loving yourself today. Nurture what is true for you.

Prescription medications can help temporarily

Our society has taught us to expect a “quick fix” for just about everything.  Just take a pill to make it go away. If I have learned one thing through the process of overcoming depression, it is this: there is no magic fix. You must face your truth and go through the process of looking inside yourself in order to get to the other side of depression. Prescription medications can help temporarily, or they may even get you to a point you feel is “good enough”. Good enough meaning you can get through your days and feel “sort of okay”. Each individual has their own journey and their own timing. Some people decide that being able to function each day is enough, and they continue this way until the day they die. Others want to feel more alive and more authentic and more connected to those around them.  Just functioning was not enough for me. I wanted more.

I tried anti-depressants.

They helped temporarily. When I say they helped, that means they gave me a small boost in serotonin and I was able to function. However, the down side was that I felt numb to my emotions. In other words, I didn’t feel alive or human. I didn’t like this. So, I started down the route of alternatives. I have tried acupuncture, homeopathy,therapy, exercise, meditation, cranio-sacral therapy, herbal remedies, reiki, massage, and the list goes on. All of them had benefit. I can honestly say that the most helpful things for me are meditation, homeopathy, therapy, massage, and exercise. But again, they all have benefits. Here is the bottom line that I have discovered. I could give 25 people the same exact tools, and their journeys would each look different. Because the truth is, we all must do our own healing work at our own pace. Each of us has a unique story to our life. The one thing we all have in common and the thing we must all do in order to overcome depression is that we must allow ourselves to feel our true emotions. If you acknowledge and honor your true emotions, you can heal your depression.


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Have you had your dose of silence today?

Written by Amie on August 27, 2009 – 2:32 am -

Walking & pondering

I was on my walk today, pondering again. Maybe I should call it a walking meditation? I was thinking about how we get caught up in our everyday routines and things that have to be done. There are things that need to be done each day like making food, cleaning up, driving kids around, going to work, etc. But, somewhere in there we need to take a few minutes to just be with ourselves. We need to take time to be in the silence. How many people really do this?  I remember before I started meditating, it was very difficult for me to allow myself to take a few minutes for just me. I also remember feeling really nervous to be alone with just me! I was afraid of the feelings that might come up, and that I wouldn’t know what to do with them.


I can do it!

I was finally able to start a meditation practice, telling myself it would be for just 5 minutes. How many feelings could possibly come up in 5 minutes? I could do it, I told myself. Well, it took some reminding and prodding to get to the point of doing it everyday. I started with 5 minutes and worked my way up. Being in silence doesn’t have to mean meditation, this is just what feels good to me. Journaling, or listening to soothing music is very healing and nurturing as well.  Once I realized how nice it felt to just be there with myself, I felt less afraid. Yes, sometimes strong feelings would come up, but mostly not. Most of the time, I would just feel total freedom and no pressures. I felt connection with the realm of silence.

Being with me is priority

Now that I know what I was missing, in terms of making sure I take time just to be with myself, it is a priority. I set the intention that I do one thing everyday just for me. Some days, I am able to do more than one thing, and that feels really good! But, I think by setting the intention and making sure I follow through, I am sending myself the message that I am worth it and I am important. These messages are an integral part of healing from depression. These messages are also the starting point for self-love. When I feel depressed, I am the last person on my list. I don’t even make an attempt to do things that nurture me when I am feeling depressed.

The message sinks in

Once I was able to just “be” with myself comfortably, I was able to step back and really see how important it is to make sure we do things for ourselves that feel nurturing. I have heard this message over and over, but it didn’t sink in until I was sitting alone just learning to be comfortable with me. I would go to the grocery store or go to a movie by myself thinking this was nurturing because I didn’t have anyone else with me. However, I soon realized that yes, this is nice sometimes,  and I really do enjoy going to movies, but it isn’t the same thing as being by myself in silence.

Giving ourselves a gift

Being alone in silence is a gift we can give ourselves every single day. We learn to be with ourselves in a loving way. Our self love grows the more time we give ourselves. Even when our lives feel chaotic, we can take a few minutes out to just sit and breathe. We can feel the breath that keeps us alive moving in and out all on it’s own. We can begin to honor ourselves for all we do, honor our bodies for keeping us healthy. We can accept what is true in our lives in the moment. We can feel grateful for being here. We can begin or continue the journey of self love. If depression is present in our lives right now, we can accept it as it is, and just let it flow through us. We can surrender to the feelings without resisting. We can feel our aliveness in silence. We can feel our connection to ALL when we are in the silence. Healing happens in the silence.


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