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Written by Amie on April 26, 2010 – 1:07 am -

It is never to late to give yourself this gift

I wrote a letter to myself last night. I wrote a letter to myself saying all of the things that I deserve to hear. Everybody deserves to hear these messages, preferably while we are still young so that we can grow up knowing the truth we are born with. It is never too late to give yourself the gift of hearing and seeing these messages. I pictured myself as a newborn baby while writing this letter. What would I say to a beautiful baby? These are the things I wrote to myself. We are all born perfect, and if we weren’t conditioned to believe otherwise, we would still have the truth within us. We would know without a doubt that we are exactly as we should be, we are beautiful inside and out. It is nobody’s fault that conditioning happens, it happens because it is still a process that hasn’t quite evolved yet. When we work on ourselves by healing and nurturing ourselves, we are contributing to the well being of the collective world. When we nurture ourselves, we begin healing, which in turn helps the evolution of self-love.

Saturate your inner being with love

It is very important in the process of healing ourselves to learn how to saturate our inner being with positive messages to drown out the untrue, negative messages. I have realized that it really isn’t important to try to figure out how the negative messages got there. Some people do feel the need to decipher the messages, as this can sometimes help in the understanding of how they took over. It is very common for one to receive non-verbal negative messages that seep deep into the cells. This is why it can sometimes be confusing as to why depression happens. There was a time that I didn’t even realize what messages were playing in my head because they had been there for so long and I had learned how to cover them up. For me, the bottom line is that I know how much I need to feel nurtured, and I know this nurturing must start inside of me.

Loving myself is not selfish

In one of my last posts, I wrote about how I recorded my voice using positive messages; messages that I would love to hear playing through my head. After listening to this yesterday, I decided that I would also love to have a letter written that expresses my love for myself! Right away I felt like I was “indulging” myself, or that I am selfish for doing loving things for myself. But then, my “new” (really my old voice that got buried) voice said stop right there! It is more than OK for me to love who I am. It is supposed to be a natural thing to love ourselves. We have been taught that we are “conceited” or that we are “selfish” if we think about ourselves too much. I bought into this for a very long time. I do think that some people probably think of themselves in ways that are unhealthy. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who did not receive the nurturing they needed, and now find themselves depressed, and feeling guilty if they try to do nice things for themselves. My experience is that I do need extra nurturing until I feel completely healthy again. I need to nurture myself to the point that I feel unconditional love for me. This is healthy. We all deserve to be nurtured. Even as adults.

“To my sweet little one”

Back to writing my letter. I pictured myself as a baby, and then as a young child, a teen, and then a young adult. What would I love to hear at each of those ages?  Here is a shortened version of my letter. “To my sweet little one: I am so grateful that you were born, you are beautiful inside and out, I adore you. I love having you in my life, I feel so blessed that you are here. You are so special, and I think you are just perfect. Your smile makes me smile, your eyes shine like the sun. You matter, you are meant to be here, I love you and accept you exactly as you are. You are creative and you are capable of doing whatever you choose to do. I support you and I will be there for you always.”

I hope you will write yourself a love letter

This is just a part of my letter. I hope that you will feel inspired to write yourself a love letter expressing all of the messages that are buried deep inside you. You were born knowing these things. They are within each of us. Healing ourselves from depression does involve digging deep within ourselves to find the truth that is hidden within. The truth that each of us is loved for being exactly as we are. No matter what the messages were that we were conditioned with, the truth still lies within us. I hope this helps just a little bit with your journey of discovering your own truth. You  are loved.

Beautiful and Courageous YOU


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