how your thoughts determine how you feel

Written by Amie on April 4, 2012 – 1:29 am -

what would it be like to be trapped in this box?

Imagine you are in a large box. A box that is big enough for you to stand in comfortably, but too tall for you to pull yourself out of. You are trapped in the box. If you reach up high, you can’t reach the top of the box. You are standing there wondering how in the world you will get out. It is too heavy to tip over, nobody can hear you screaming for help, and the box is too thick to punch a hole in. I am sure there are ways out, but please play along with me for a minute. Read this and then close your eyes and really focus your thoughts on what it would be like to be trapped in this box, or somewhere else that feels bad to you. What thoughts are going through your mind? What are you telling yourself? Are you telling yourself you will never get out, you are trapped, you will starve to death, you will die in this box, nobody will help you? This list goes on and on. How do you feel in your body when you really see yourself in the box trapped and unable to get out? Is your stomach tight? Are you starting to feel sick? Tune into what you would feel in your body if you really believe the thoughts you are telling yourself. When I do this, I feel as though it is really happening to me. If you don’t feel this way, then imagine a scenario that would make you feel just as hopeless or negative. Tell yourself things that validate this story. Now open your eyes and remind yourself that none of it is true, it is not happening to you even though your mind is telling you it is happening. The mind is incredibly powerful this way. It will give you all kinds of “evidence” pointing to these thoughts being true.

if your thoughts tell you horrible things,  you believe them, and then your body responds

I want you to see how you can easily convince yourself that the stories you tell yourself are true. Negative thoughts feed on each other, and before you know it, a deep depression has taken over again. Paying attention to what is being “said” in your mind is so very crucial to getting past depression. There were so many times in my past that I was convinced I would never feel better. I told myself things like, “I can’t do this”, “this is as good as I will ever feel”, “this sucks”. These thoughts all feed on each other, and your body responds by feeling sick, or your muscles tighten, your head may start aching….there are so many ways our bodies respond to negative thoughts. Now change the thoughts to things like “I can’t wait to go to my favorite store on Friday”, or “I love hearing my boys laugh and have fun”, or “I am so grateful I am able to take a warm bath”. Say anything that you know makes you feel good. Now notice the contrast…how did your body respond to the negative vs. the positive thoughts? Thoughts are who you are. If your thoughts tell you horrible things, you believe them, and then your body responds with the feeling of “depression”. Depression will continue because your soul knows these things are not true, but your mind is right there trying to convince you these thoughts are true. ¬†Unfortunately, you believe the thoughts because that is what you learned to do. This is not your fault. Therefore, you feel miserable until you decide to work on remembering the truth that is within every single one of us. The truth that you are pure love. You have the power to make this decision at any moment you choose. You can make this decision as many times as you need to.

just as the negative thoughts were learned, they can be un-learned

Don’t believe everything you think! I have this saying hanging in my house. Some people are confused by it at first. Many people believe that if they are thinking something, that makes it true. This is absolutely not true! The negative thoughts in our minds are never true. We were not born to hate ourselves. We were born to love ourselves and others. The self-hate that goes on in your mind is the conditioning you learned. You were not born with these horrible thoughts. These are learned. So, just as the negative thoughts were learned, they can be un-learned. It takes work, with part of the process being having the willingness to feel your emotions as they arise. If you don’t feel your emotions, you will stay stuck in the negative thought process you have learned to use. When you avoid feeling your emotions, you are numbing a part of your true self. When you numb your true self, you will be depressed. You can pretend for awhile, and some people pretend their whole lives. If this is the case, then it may feel as though you are just going through the motions of being alive. In reality, it is like dying a slow death. In order to get through depression, it takes courage and willingness.

our whole mood changes because we believe the thoughts

I am currently¬†reading and listening to teachings by the spiritual teacher Gangaji. She has made the statement several times to “just stop”. Stop identifying with the thoughts in your mind, stop searching for “the answer”, stop looking for enlightenment, just STOP! It took me awhile to really understand what she was trying to say. Now I see, (at least I think I do!). Just stop the mind. Your mind is telling your stories to keep you stuck. Instead, feel your emotions, observe the thoughts, and most definitely do not follow the thoughts! They are just thoughts! We get into the trap of believing our thoughts, and then our whole mood changes because we believe the thoughts! We truly do have everything we need right inside of us. It takes a conscious effort to make the decision to begin questioning your thoughts to get back to the truth of what you have had inside all along. You have love, and you have the answers that you thought you could only find outside of yourself. When you continue believing your thoughts, and you continue following some external happening (such as looking for enlightenment, or looking for the magic answer to fix your depression) you will stay depressed. Instead, the next negative thought you become aware of, try saying to yourself….just stop…that is a story…just stop…it isn’t true. And then, notice how your body feels. You just took some power back, and doesn’t that feel good?! Enjoy and remember what that feels like! *This* is your true nature!! I promise you!

A video of Gangaji:



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The truth of the Universe is inside you and it is called unconditional love

Written by Amie on October 6, 2010 – 1:14 am -

I was in tears

I was listening to a story today about orphaned baby elephants. First, I must tell you that I adore elephants. I love how they are so similar to us and how they are so bonded to each other, and they stick by each other and support each other. I just think they are absolutely remarkable. So, I was listening to the story and I became choked up when they were talking about how the orphans are released back into the wild, but that they have such a strong bond with the humans that raised them as their own. Once the babies are released, they still come back to visit the humans for different reasons. One reason would be if they have a new baby. They want to share their happiness with their human “family”. They come back if they are injured because they know their humans will help them. They come back during a drought because they know they will be taken care of and given water. I was literally in tears listening.

THIS is the truth of the Universe

I am very sensitive to all things involving animals and love. I thought that was the reason I was crying. But when I really listened to the answer that came to me when I asked , “why am I crying”, (not that it really matters, because when we cry it doesn’t always matter *why*, it is *always* cleansing, but I was curious), I got the response, ” THIS is the truth of the Universe, THIS feeling you have is the feeling that we are *all* connected, you are crying because of happiness and because of sadness. The happiness is that we are unconditional love when we are able to *see* the truth through the eyes of the Universe. We are all connected in a way that is instinctual, IF our instinct hasn’t been conditioned out of us. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have questioned *why* I was crying. I would have assumed I was crying because there was something wrong with me, I was *too* sensitive, I was weird for crying at such a story. THESE are the conditioned beliefs that I have been working on healing. On some deep level, I knew the truth. I *wanted* that feeling of the connection between the elephants and the humans, or even the connection between the elephants themselves. It has been said that elephants are telepathic with each other…..hmmmm

people really see that our world is in disarray *because of* the disarray of our dysfunctional minds.

This is the reason I was sad. I know that our world has much work to do before we can all get to the point of trusting ourselves enough to trust each other. I know that we have a long way to go before people really see that our world is in disarray *because of* the disarray of our dysfunctional minds. I know that so many people are working on healing their old conditioned beliefs, the beliefs that are so mis-guided. The chaos inside our heads is shown to us everyday on the news, in the newspapers, and by the people talking constantly about the negativity. Inside chaos=outside chaos. The craziness in our world right now is the mirror of the craziness going on inside most people’s heads. Until we are all able to heal the dysfunction in our minds, the connection that exists between all living beings and things cannot be seen clearly by all. We get glimmers of it. We are able to *feel* the truth at times-the truth of holding a newborn baby for the first time, the feeling of a connection with someone who loves you unconditionally, the feeling of your pet when they trust you 100% and love you no matter what time you feed them and whether or not you pet them enough. Hold on to these feelings-they are real! They are *who we really are*. All of that other crap that is put on us by society, by our parents, by teachers, by adults, by anyone else-is just that *complete crap*!!!!! The reason so many people are depressed is because instinctively on a deep level their body *knows without a doubt* what true unconditional love feels like. Your body is giving you a huge red flag when you are depressed. You are depressed because you are living a life that is going away from the universal truth within us all. The truth that you are loved 100% all of the time, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what you have done in your life, no matter what your childhood story is, no matter what non-verbal and verbal messages you heard, even if you are still hearing those messages and you are 85 years old.

we are love-we are here to love and to be loved

Inside of you resides the truth of who we really are-we are love-we are here to love and to be loved. We are expressions of one universal truth. Every single one of us is here on purpose. You were created ON PURPOSE, so matter what message you were led to believe. Any other message is a total crock of doodoo (big huge elephant doodoo, I must say). Make no mistake, our truth is what the elephants know. They know that they love each other, they need connection with each other, they mourn each other when one passes, but they also know that we are all in this together, and we are all connected on a very deep deep level. Namaste, my friends. I am honored to be a part of you, and thank you for being a part of me.

If you would like to adopt a baby orphan elephant go here:

Abraham-Hicks The Great Awakening


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